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Arduino Human Following Robot

human following robot circuit diagram

This Arduino Human following robot or object following robot using Arduino UNO, Ultrasonic sensor and IR sensor is very easy to make, If you are making this for project i included Arduino follow me robot code also.

Above visuals is the actual project we are going to build, all the parts for buying are available in links of video make sure to check it out which is provided at end of this article

How Human following Robot works

  • Detects moving object which gets sense from combination of ultrasonic and IR sensors
  • Micro servo rotates 180 degree with sensors on its head
  • When some object which moves get close to sensors
  • DC Motors follow movements of object
  • For demo hands were used to show its working
  • Uses live signals of Ultrasonic and IR sensor to detect motion
  • Can move in all directions front, back, right and left

Arduino object following robot Code

Use this code and paste in IDE, Recommended to add code to your board before making circuit connections

Frame for this project

Before making frame these materials are necessary to build this

  1. Arduino UNO and Motor shield
  2. Micro servo plastic geared works fine
  3. Ultrasonic sensor
  4. Plastic board for frames
  5. 2 IR sensors
  6. Dual shaft BO Motor single shaft works fine but i couldn’t find it
  7. Wheels and few jumper wires
Frame making for follower robot
Frame for follower robot
  • I use square piece of plastic which was 3mm thick to make frame
  • Can use other alternate materials such as Cardboard, Plexiglas or MDF board
  • Dual shaft DC Motors With wheels run the whole system
  • Take square piece of board and glue geared motors on sides as in image
  • Connect wheels to motor shaft
  • Make sure BO motor terminals are pre soldered with wires so to avoid later struggle

Human following Robot circuit diagram

human following robot circuit diagram
Human following robot circuit diagram

Circuit Diagram explanation

  • Motors from 1 and 4 depict BO motors or dual shaft dc motor which i use in this project
  • For power source i use 2 lithium ion cells recycled from old laptop connected to battery holder following Arduino shield

Electronics Installation

Assembly for human following robot
Assembly for human following robot
  • Using Double side tape or hot glue place Board on center of pre prepared frame
  • Add micro servo along with small stick attached to its shaft as in above visual
  • Using plastic i made small case for sensor so to look more appealing
  • Add IR sensors on side of ultrasonic sensors
  • After placing all these components in place connect wires to board following circuit diagram
  • Once this gets done last step is to add battery
  • After battery power is supplied to board Robot starts working
  • Test it out placing on large table followed by getting hands close to sensor
  • It will follow wherever you move your hands

Video link for this project

You can check working video of human following robot by Clicking Here

That was about making this cool robot project using Arduino there are lots of other projects which you forgot to check on this site make sure to check it out because everything is free!


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