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How To Make Mini Li-Fi System at Home

Hello readers In this tutorial I will show how to make small experiment setup which will show light can be used to transfer control/communication signals from one place to another wirelessly.

If you are looking for awesome project idea for upcoming science fair projects or weekend science experiments you can make this demonstrative experiment

Here I am going to explain you the process in very detailed steps on how to make mini Li-Fi System, so that even if you are a beginner to basics of electronics you can build this without any difficulties.

NOTE: i have provided video link at the end!

how to make mini Li-Fi System
Mini Li-Fi System

What is Li-Fi?

Li-fi Stands for Light fidelity ,we all know that Wi-Fi which we use on regular basis uses radio frequency to transmit and receive signals where as new technology.

Li-Fi uses Light (speed of light is nearly 300000 kilometer per second) which clearly means that it is several times faster than Wi-Fi and under full development of this technology

In future we can expect internet speeds to be several hundred times faster compared to present date (Theoretically it is 10 gigabits per second).

Let’s Build our Own small Li-Fi Setup

  • To build this project less expensive materials are used
  • It’s a quick build project
  • Which means you can finish this entire experimental setup within an hour.
mini Li-Fi System requirements

Materials/supplies needed for building

  1. Solar panel
  2. Aux cable
  3. Battery and resistor
  4. Aux supported MP3 player
  5. LED bulb
  6. Smartphone or any other music playing device with 3.5mm jack output.

let’s start by cutting of the AUX cable into two parts,

  • Here first part isconnected directly to solar panel i recommend to use 6 volt,150 milliamps solar panel as it gives best results.

Note: Recommended not to use solar panels rated larger than 5 volt as exposing solar panel to sunlightmay burn the internal circuit of audio playing device.

Steps as per image number(1-4)

  1. Cut cable into two pieces using scissors(exact half)
  2. The copper inside aux is enameled means thin layer of insulation paint had been added
  3. There are 2 ways for insulation paint removal from surface of wire, First is using wire stripper and second will be burning layer of insulated paint using lighter.
  4. The wire which has 3 colors blue, red and gold, Each color serves specific purpose and its given below.

Note: Positive and negative terminals should always be separate and never to be connected.

Making Mini Li-Fi System
Making Li-Fi system

where as the remaining(i.e second part of aux) will be connected to battery and resistor(10kilo ohm) resistor and a 9 volt battery

Please follow (image 4-10)

Steps as per images

Connect wires to battery or you can directly use battery connector also

  • 9) Add resistor in between positive wire side and LED bulb positive side
  • 10) I am using resistor
  • since I am using 9 volt battery where as the LED requires only 1.5 to 2 volt power supply
  • 11) Test if your LED bulb works

Alternatively you can use USB power supply instead of battery if you’re planning to use it for continuous long hours.

Li-Fi Circuit

circuit diagram

if you have any clarifications related to wiring, Once all the circuit is complete please follow these important steps to get the Li-Fi project working.

  • Connect the aux cable which is connected to your solar panel to your smartphone Or any other MP3 playing device( This is transmitter part in our project)
  • Other piece of aux cable which was connected to the battery along with resistor and LED will go to your MP3 player (Make sure it is connected to battery by checking glowing of led bulb) Once this is done
  • Start playing favourite music in your smartphone/MP3 player, now when you do it please ensure your led is directed towards your solar panel if everything is setup fine your MP3 player will start to play some music,whenever you bring any obstacle in between the LED light and solar panel the music will stop playing hence it is proved that light can be used as the transmission medium for communicating data signal

Note: while you are making mini li-fi system, Please make sure there is no any other light source surrounding/directing towards solar panel

  • If you have other light source directing towards your solar panel you might start to observe some interference in form of noise
  • can be heard with music in output MP3 speaker (this is receiver part of our project)

For every invention made there will always be advantages and disadvantages

Let’s discuss about positive things first


  1. One Main advantages of using Li-Fi is that it has unmatchable speed compared to conventional Wi-Fi which uses radio signals
  2. Radio signal used in Wi-Fi is harmful for humans since we use light in the process
  3. Radio waves are eliminated in Li-Fi systems so the usage of Li-Fi  is very much safe compared to Wi-Fi
  4. Bandwidth is 10000 times that of radio waves
  5. The highest recorded speed using Wi-Fi is 1300 megabits per second
  6. Li-Fi speed goes upto 10 gigabytes Per second note this is a theoretical value on experimental basis
  7. Light has been a part of human life from the very beginning
  8. it is clear that light doesn’t cause any harmful ill effects to the human health as compared to other signals


  1. It can be used only for shorter range it means upto where the light is in contact with the receiver source
  2. Natural light for example sun light can interference in the process
  3. The cost of initial setup may go very high as per status of current research(based on materials suitable for transmitting and receiving)
  4. To use a Li-Fi in mobile communication there should be a Li-Fi  enabled light source nearby(Technically called Hotspots)
  5. For instance you are travelling in a bus, but want to use internet connection and there is no any source nearby we will be left out with no internet


  1. Can be used in internet to browse and download movies 
  2. Can be used in underwater communication where there is difficulty in propagation of radio signals 


Click here for Video

I Hope all the steps are clear to make mini li-fi system , if you have any suggestions for improvements related to this project your suggestions are always welcome.

Please put your queries in comment box, Thank you for your time and patience for showing interest on this article. Have a Good Day


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