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Science Fair Project idea which is very easy to make

science fair project ideas

Hi readers, this post is about giving you two Amazing Science Fair Project idea, I covered in very detailed steps about building this along with working principles behind this.

How to Make small water pump using DC motor

How to Make Rechargeable Emergency led light 

First we will look into making water pump that can be your new science fair project idea.

Basic principle behind working Centrifugal pump

  • Our mini version of water pump works on exact same principle as larger version
  • When the motor is switched on shaft rotates impeller inside pump
  • The blades of impeller carry water
  • Due to high RPM centrifugal force will be created
  • As centrifugal force have tendency to throw object outwards
  • Impeller blades throw water in outwards direction
  • When this happens spontaneously at very high speeds  water comes out rapidly from water discharge port


water pump requirements
mini water pump making

Materials used for building this mini pump

  • Single shaft DC Motor
  • 10ml Syringe barrel for making water pump body
  • 5ml Syringe plunger part for making impeller
  • Rubber seal(from 5ml) to water seal pump body 

Steps for making mini water pump from DC Motor

  • Remove barrel flange from 10 ml syringe barrel
  • Using cutter or hobby blade cut the barrel to required length
  • usually trimmed edges will be rough, make it smooth by rubbing to Sandpaper
  • I will make impeller from 5ml syringe plunger, to make this
  • remove rubber seal from 5ml plunger
  • Cut tip part of plunger to half size of pump body
  • please refer images below for clear idea
  • Make a hole on the center part of impeller
dc motor pump
mini water pump making
  • DC motor shaft should be attached with rubber seal from 5ml syringe
  • I have made small hole on rubber seal which is little larger than shaft size
  • After attaching rubber seal attach impeller to motor shaft 
  • carefully insert precut pump body made earlier from 5 ml syringe barrel

water outlet making for water pump

  • Seal the edges of barrel to DC motor body using hot glue
  • Small hole is made on  pump body as in image, this is for water outlet
  • I used recycled color pen body  for water outlet pipe
  • Everything is made water sealed using hot glue
  • Now our Mini water pump is ready for use
  • I will power this Mini water pump using two Lithium ion batteries
  • Lithium ion batteries are connected in series
  • Additionally a switch can be added for much more convenient use

How to Use our project

  • just keep bottom part  inside water, switch on the pump
  • after few seconds of running water will be discharged out from water outlet
  • If Discharge is low, make sure water inlet is made bigger than water outlet 


  • Very easy to make
  • Less cost materials used
  • Encourages learning of various concepts


  • Less Efficient
  • Motor gets heated up too quickly
  • Won’t work on high heads

This was all about making and explanation of mini water pump as science project ideas, Now Let’s dive into another project.

How to make Rechargeable Emergency LED light

when the power goes off definitely one might have used emergency light, I made small rechargeable and portable emergency LED light from basic materials.

why can this be amazing science fair project idea?

As many people in remote areas are struggling due to lack of power outage, using this inexpensive and efficient project many of such problems can be solved, here the cost is much less as compared to Lights readily available in market thereby lifespan also!

Key features

  • output from this light is around 15W as we are using 1W 15 LED bulbs
  • This project won’t cost you much as it looks
  • Longer light duration time
  • Easy to build
  • Made from recycled materials

Requirements for making emergency light

emergency light materials
Emergency light making
  • Small Circle shaped cardboard for frame supports
  • Alternatively you can use light wood
  • Two pieces of cardboard for covering the top and bottom
  • One Watt LED bulbs(bought from local electronics shop)
  • 18650 BATTERY charging module
  • lithium ion battery
  • simple on off switch
  • Hot glue or super glue

Steps for making this amazing science fair project ideas

  • I have used 15 LED in total
  •  First 9 LED are connected in parallel, solder copper wire two legs of diodes and strip is made
  •  later six LED should be connected in parallel by soldering copper wires thereby another strip
  •  later fix this two Pairs in parallel
  •  Make sure none of the wires touch, recommended to use insulated copper wire
  • Refer images if you have any confusions
science fair projects
science fair projects
  • Once LED are placed in upper panel, using slight amount of super glue or hot glue couple it firmly
  • Using TP 4056 module makes this entire setup rechargeable
  • Connect one end from LED Panel(negative) to switch and from switch to TP 4056 module(negative outlet port)
  • Other terminal from LED goes to Positive port in charging module
  • Once this is complete solder wires to battery and connect those wires to charging module board

Note: Always batteries should be connected at end because sometimes charged batteries may burn the circuit while working if not connected properly or like terminals touch by accident.

Finishing homemade emergency light

  • After making all circuit connections Embed all Electronic components inside cardboard body
  • Using hot glue stick battery inside so that it won’t shake while carrying
  • Make small hole in wall of cardboard as a result charging port is available outside
  • To Make charging indicator I made small holes using needle on LED Panel sides
  • Battery charging and full indication status can be viewed here
  • Once all these are in it’s place Switch on your project
  • Make sure u are not looking into those LED’s directly  as it is very bright
  • Use it whenever necessary!


  • Provides bright light at low cost
  • Anybody can build this
  • All components are easily available


  • Not waterproof
  • Fragile compared to plastic fames
  • No dim control

Video Link

Click here for Video which shows other ideas to make science fair project idea

That was all about amazing science project ideas which you can easily make, Hope you definitely liked these two ideas

If you have any questions related to any steps from this project let me know in comment box, Share this ideas with your needy friends, Thank you and have a Good day


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