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Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas You Must Try

Looking for Christmas Decoration ideas ? This year’s Christmas eve is around the corner and many are on a budget! while few want to make their own Christmas lights! Well today I am here to give Budget friendly Christmas Decoration ideas.

Here I will be explaining three Easy Christmas Crafts.

DIY Ornaments for Christmas tree

christmas decoration ideas
image of Decorative ornaments used in Christmas tree (actual image)

How to Make RGB LED Strip  (DIY Waterproof RGB LED Strip)

christmas decoration ideas jar light for christmas
image of RGB LED Strip (actual image)

How to make mini Christmas tree

christmas decoration ideas christmas tree making
Mini tabletop Christmas tree decorated with tickles (actual image)

Materials required to make Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • Aluminium/aluminum foil also called as kitchen foil
  • Color sparkle powder of your choice
  • Hammer
  • Paper glue
  • Copper or steel wires
  • Time!
Materials for Decorative ornament ball


  1. Cut a piece of foil from foil roll, larger the size bigger will be our ball
  2. Using hand Scramble the foil to form shape of ball
  3. Once the Foil obtains shape of ball , using hammer slightly hit all the sides so that ball becomes packed from all sides to avoid voids
  4. It usually takes 5 to 10 minutes of continuous ramming to get packed ball shape
  5. Please refer above images for Visual Steps
christmas decoration ideas foil ball
Steps for making Decorative balls for christmas tree
  1. Once the Foil ball is ready , add paper glue to all of it’s sides
  2. Colored sparkles powder is spread on paper and glued foil balls is dipped on all over the sparkles powder until every part is covered
  3. Keep it for drying (usually takes upto an hour)
  4. To make hooks ill be using copper wires recycled from old scrap wire (You can use Steel wires too)
  5. These hooks are pierced inside colored foil balls
  6. Once everything is dry our balls are ready to be hanged on Christmas tree  for Decorations

This was all about making decorative Christmas tree ornaments,  as you can see all the materials used to make this is available at Home, So You should definitely give a try to make this,

Tip: Aluminum foil can be replaced by Paper, in quick steps ill show

How to make ornaments from paper

  • Cut paper into small pieces
  • Take water in bowl of water
  • Soak the cut pieces of paper in water
  • Take out wet paper pieces from bowl
  • Squeeze out additional water from paper
  • Make a ball of paper by rolling all over your hands!
  • Keep paper balls for Dry
  • Drying takes usually complete day
  • So I preferred Using Foil
  • Once the paper ball is Dry
  • Add thin coat of paper glue all over the ball
  • Sprinkle Colored sparkles of your choice
  • Wait for complete dry
  • Make hooks from copper or steel wires
  • Pierce it inside Ball
  • Hang it on your Christmas tree!

This you can make it for yourself or gift it to your friends too! because Sharing is Caring.

How To Make RGB LED Strip lights which are waterproof

Requirements to make colorful LED Strip for Christmas tree

  1. RGB LED Bulbs
  2. Plastic tube (Water level tubes) available in local hardware shops
  3. Copper wires(insulated/Normal)
  4. Hot glue for waterproofing
Making RGB LED Strip

Steps for Preparing LED’s

  • The RGB LED diodes which I will be using here is transparent and the light output is very clear
  • I want some faded and bright Lights not complete clear light
  • To Make this as faded lights,  Rub LED bulbs on sand paper so that it gets scratched
  • Note: This process consumes little time as we have to do same process for remaining LED’s
  • Once this is done, using copper wires connect all LED bulbs in parallel  
  • To enhance strength solder the Wires to legs of LED Bulbs
RGB LED Strip for Decorations
  • I Made 3 Strips of LED with 5 Bulbs each, which are connected in parallel
  • Join those strips to form a single length Strip
  • To insert LED to tube I have used string which is pre inserted inside plastic tube
  • Tie string to one end of LED and pull it inside tube
  • Once LED is completely inserted inside tube, Fill both the end of tube using Hot glue (make sure the glue is not too hot or else it might melt tube away)
  • Strip is ready to use, as I’ am not using any Resistor to protect the LED Strip
  • To power this I will be using 2v battery to power this entire strip

You can use this outdoors even In rain as it is made completely waterproof, ideal for Christmas tree decorations or for other light decorations, If you want to make Christmas decoration lights this will be the easiest way.

How To Make Christmas tree using Recycled Materials

If you are electronic project enthusiast then definitely you might have heard of small toy dc motors, these Small dc motor rotors have enough insulated copper wires to make a small table top Christmas tree, so here are detailed steps to make your own table top Christmas tree

Additionally we will decorate our small Christmas tree with ornaments!


  1. DC Motor (Recycled)
  2. Ornaments
  3. Glue
  4. Pliers(Optional)
  1. Scavenge Rotor part of DC Motor
  2. Remove side supports of Motor using screw driver
  3. Once the bottom part is removed you can easily pull Rotor outside
  4. Start pulling copper from rotor
  5. Collect the copper and swirl it to make one single roll

Steps for Making Tree from Copper wire

  1. To make shape of cone I will be using tip of pen Nozzle( alternatively any cone shape can be used)
  2. Swirl copper wire around Nozzle
  3. Once rolling is complete, stick copper wire to middle part of cone( this will be main hidden frame for our project)
  4. Make stand part for tree( your own design)
  5. Stretch the cone part to bottom and couple using super glue
  6. Once everything is dry
  7. Use paint brush to apply paper glue all over Christmas tree
  8. Sprinkle Ornaments all over it
  9. Keep it for Dry

Now You have your own Decorated Christmas tree  which you can gift it to your friends or keep it for yourself, and the best part here is You can carry this wherever u want

That was all about Christmas Decoration Ideas, all these three DIY Christmas Decorations ideas are very easy to make and none of them won’t cost you more than a cup of coffee! So you should definitely give a try to make this.

Note: Video link for christmas decoration ideas CLICK HERE

Please show your support by sharing this idea with your family and friends, Thank you and Happy Christmas!


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