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Valentine Gift Ideas for 2021

chocolate explosion box for valentine's day

Hi Beautiful people, as valentine’s day 2021 is approaching too close many people will be looking for Home made valentine gift Ideas, as we all know that valentine week needs lots of gifts and its a big blade for the wallet!

Why not make gifts by yourself for valentine day week, Here i will show 2 amazing gift ideas for upcoming valentine’s day which you can keep it for yourself if you are single or present someone else.

Note: Don’t forget to checkout working videos of these gifts, link for video is given at end of this article

How to make heart explosion box for valentine day gift ideas with special messages

valentine gift ideas
valentine gift ideas

With this gift you can show your affection towards loved ones by displaying customized messages and symbols, here when you open the box the message pops up which leaves other person mesmerized.

Chocolate explosion box for valentine gift ideas

valentine's day gift ideas chocolate explosion box
best gift ideas chocolate explosion box for valentine’s day

This is best valentine week 2021 gift idea for chocolate day, fill this box with favorite chocolate of your beloved ones and present him/her definitely they will love this gift.

Note: valentine gifts can be give to best friends also!!

Well now you have seen how your gifts will look like. Which later will be presented to loved ones, now let’s have a look at materials which is required to make this valentine week gifts for him/her.

Materials required

Almost all materials can be found in home, for chocolates you need to rush into nearest superstore which is exciting part!

valentine gift ideas for valentine week
valentine day week gift making
  • Glitter foam sheet which is red in color with sparkles
  • Paper glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Messages which you want to convey( i used blue heart you can choose red) also rings can be used
  • Superglue/hot glue(optional)
  • Time!

Steps for making heart explosion box for valentine day

  • Cut the sparkling glitter foam sheet to the shape of heart
  • If you don’t know how to cut directly on foam, draw same on piece of paper and later use it as reference
  • Cut 3 pieces in total, 2 piece will be for bottom support other will be used to make lid for this box
  • Take two pieces, Add glue on their back surfaces and stick them together so that base becomes strong instead of being flexible
valentine gift ideas gifts making
Steps for Diy valentine gifts
  • Cut strip of glitter sheet and glue it across length of heart, please refer visuals if you left with any confusions
  • Make lid for this box with leftover piece of heart by gluing small strip of foam as per your requirements
  • Here the main part responsible for popping up messages is spring made from paper

Make Paper spring for pop up gifts

  • To make spring i use cut pieces of long paper strips
  • Just keep 2 strips alternatively one above the other as shown in images
  • Glue starting and end points with glue so that spring wont start jumping!
  • Now using glue stick one end of paper spring to base of box
  • For other end of spring use your personalized messages
  • Now to test if everything works fine
  • manually compress the spring and close the lid of box
  • When you open the box now message should pop up and if you followed same mentioned steps above Definitely it will!

That was all about making message pop up box for your dear ones, this is one of the easiest gift idea which you can make easily at home with some basic stationery supplies, Now moving next.

DIY Chocolate explosion box for valentine’s day

This not only can be used for valentines day but for other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and much more BTW who doesn’t love chocolates!

Supplies required to make chocolate explosion box

valentine gift ideas Chocolate explosion box
Chocolate explosion box
  • Few pieces of cardboard which are precut as per size of box needed
  • Red color paper
  • Glitter foam sheets for chocolate holder
  • Gum tape
  • Chocolates!

Once the supplies are gathered it can be put up very easily, all we need to do here is using gum tape stick the cardboard pieces together to do this

  • Place the base cardboard as we know it has 4 sides
  • Using gum tape stick other pieces of cardboard to all of it’s 4 sides
  • once this is done check if movements are smooth by lifting side pieces and dropping them
  • once this works fine make lid for this box by taking appropriate size
  • After making lid check once again if it’s working fine
  • Once confirmed, make pockets for holding chocolate by sticking strips of paper on side pieces as shown in visuals below
valentine gift ideas chocolate box making
chocolate box gift making
  • Load this with as much as chocolates you want to
  • i have placed surprise box in exact middle as few won’t just be satisfied with chocolates
  • This box will be covered in beginning when the box sides fall off it becomes visible

Well that was all about making gifts for valentine, hope you loved this ideas to show support for these two DIY CRAFTS share this with your family, friends and beloved ones as much as possible, as sharing this free useful knowledge doesn’t cost you any penny, let me know in comments if u made this Craft.

Video Link

Click here to watch video tutorial and working of homemade chocolate explosion box this gift can be used in other special occasion also.

Note: Don’t forget to checkout my other crafts ideas on crafts tab in my site, Have a Happy valentine’s day


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