Arduino Rock Paper Scissors

Hello creators Arduino Rock Paper Scissors is one of the interesting Arduino Project which you can do at home with basic knowledge of Arduino and it’s sensors.

Here i will be giving you Arduino rock paper scissors code along with detailed instructions of circuit diagram and how it’s made.

What is Rock paper scissors Arduino

Well, all might have played this game atleast once or most of times in their childhood or some even now! i have given a twist for this game using arduino, generally this is a two player game here one player is replaced by Arduino, You can also call this as cool Arduino robot which interacts with you!

Video link for this project is given below Don’t forget to check it out

Features of Arduino rock paper scissors robot

  • When you get hand close to sensor robot starts to work
  • Any random(rock, paper or scissors) will show up
  • U can’t cheat with this device!
  • Made using simple components
  • Very fun to play with
  • You will not get bored!

Supplies Required to make this Arduino Project

arduino rock paper scissor game supplies
Arduino rock paper scissor game supplies

Arduino UNO, i Recommend to use the same because when i tried with nano i faced some issues while running the code

Breadboard(only we require power rails) alternatively any other common power railing device can be use(set of wires)

Ultrasonic distance sensor i use HC-SR04

3x Micro servos (plastic geared works fine), Jumper wires and MDF or any other alternative for making frame

Sign boards as per your customization with External DC power supply source i used 2 lithium ion batteries connected in series to power this

Double sided gum tape, Arduino IDE and Arduino programming cable

Do u know that smartphone also can be use to upload code to Arduino uno ? we will talk about this alter for now we shall use computer for this purpose

Once all these supplies are put up in single place(saves time) we will make circuit connection using jumper wires.

Please follow below circuit diagram for component connections

Arduino rock paper scissors circuit diagram
Arduino rock paper scissors circuit diagram

Circuit Diagram Explanation

Alas! This Circuit diagram is too complicate! Many might have thought same, But honestly speaking you are judging a book by its cover! this is so damn easy to make, read the steps below

Vcc and Gnd of all electronic components used here i.e Micro servo and Ultrasonic sensor will be connect to positive and negative power rails of Breadboard

Signal pins from micro servo are connect to Digital pins D3,D6 and D9

Trig and Echo pins will go to D11 and D10

When all this connections are complete, Don’t forget to connect +5v and Gnd pins from Arduino Uno to + and – pins to Breadboard

Now you can release your breath, well i said you it was damn easy!

Complete the circuit connections later upload this code, if you don’t know how to upload code to arduino Uno i request to check out my detailed article on the same in my very older posts!

Arduino Rock Paper Scissors Code

Click Here for Arduino Rock paper scissors code

After you upload this code check if your project works, Definitely it should.

Note: Project won’t work from power supply given from USB. Hence we need external power supply, i used dc power supply by coupling 2 lithium ion batteries connected in series, best part here is these batteries are rechargeable and can give long backup time.

Frame for Arduino Project

Once Everything is set and ready to use we will put up everything in piece of MDF wood base and closure made from cardboard, Refer visuals below to know how this is done

Finishing Arduino Project
Finishing Arduino Project

Use gum tape to couple components to board so that the work will be cleaner

I hand drawn the logos for game and painted it, Printer can eliminate this burden for you

Using hot glue i have attached these logos/sign boards or whatever you call to shafts of Micro servo

Initially make sure the shafts are in default rest position

Allow hot glue to dry completely and later test out your project by giving dc power supply, Definitely it will work fine

No matter how hard you try you can’t cheat in this game as you can’t Predict the upcoming case. It is random and hence you need a lot of practice to defend this!

Project working video

Watch here how to play Arduino Rock paper Scissors Game

That was all about Arduino Rock paper Scissors game, Hope you loved this idea there are lots of other cool arduino projects on this site that you might have missed, Please do check out my Arduino Projects and science projects section

As always if you have any queries or suggestion for improvements for this or any other add-ons to be made let me know in the comments box below

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