How to Make Web shooter easy

Hello readers, learn how to make spider man’s web shooter you may think is it possible to make web shooters? Answer is yes

The fantastic thing that makes superheroes so cool is their super powers and the gadgets they possess ( Spiderman web shooters )

Everyone wishes to have those gadgets but sadly practically building those and making those functional in exact same way is nearly impossible

Alternatively what we can do is we can make prototype version which is lot more less powerful compared to the original ones.

Here I will be going to show you two amazing ways on how to make SpiderMan Web Shooters inspired from the Spiderman movies

These DIY homemade electronic Spiderman web Shooters can actually shoot web to a small distance(in comparison with actual ones!), we are going to make this in very short duration of time, If you are making one of these DIY SPIDERMAN WEB SHOOTERS I have included in depth steps along with photos.

Note: Video is provided at the end!

Materials required

spiderman web shooters requirements

DC motor, New syringe, Pieces of cardboard

Rechargeable battery(scavenged from old laptop battery)

Push button and Hot glue

How our version of Electronic version spiderman web shooter works?

Principle of working

DC air motor also called as DC air pump/mini air pump is a device which gives out pulses of air (at fast rates) when supplied with DC power, It usually requires 12 volt DC power, to make the size compact

I am using 2 Lithium ion batteries of 3.7 volt each which when connected in series gives out 7.4volts, when the DC air motor is provided with power this gives out continuous pulses of air which is later transferred to the syringe via tubes.

We are building up the air pressure by using rubber bushes which is placed inside the syringe(to store air) and as a result pressure builds up and as these air pressure goes on increasing little by little the rubber bush pops out, this is very safe which is similar to a soft bullets from the toys.

spiderman web shooters making
Steps for frame build

Steps followed by image number

At first we will start by taking a piece of cardboard

size of cardboard depends on the materials which you will be using, cardboard body should be slightly larger than the size of the standard electronic components which you are using.

For power source I used two Lithium ion batteries which wasrecycled from old laptop battery

Now using hot glue, stick rechargeable batteries to the piece of cardboard along with DC motor

Once everything finishes our project must look like shown in image 8

spider man web shooter design

Once these two are coupled properly(dried ) I am using hot glue to couple the syringe

Use a small plastic tube for the air supply between DC motor and syringe

Use a cardboard which is bent in the shape of a curve for the outer frame of our body

Attach to base using hot glue(12th image shown above)

Using toggle on/off switch  normal Basic circuit is made so that at push of button air starts to pump inside syringe

To give a matte finish I’am painting cardboard with black fabric paint and for finishing silver foil cuts were used, you can customize as per your taste

For the web I am using rubber bush/part which was saved from inside syringe, along with small piece of thread glued to its end

How to use our webshooter ?

Wear the gadget

Insert the rubber part inside the tube to which we have attached thread, this will be our web

Keep on pressing the push button it will take around 4 to seconds to throw the web out

Well, now you can have the feeling of actual spiderman who is shooting spiders!

We are done with first version now let’s discuss about other version.

Here is the actual Image of second type Spider-Man Web Shooter which we will be making now, I have provided all the designs for these web shooter also.

spiderman web shooters working model
Homemade Spiderman Web shooter

The principle of working in this version is similar to that of first version which we have made earlier

 One additional thing here is for much appealing Sci-Fi look mini PC cooling fan also called as mini dc fan/laptop cooling fan is used

Steps described as per image number

I have design and cut my own Spiderman web shooters template. Please refer images 1-4 to make your own design (it’s very easy)

I have measured line of 4cm

Draw the circle of radius 4 centimeter on paper

Again take 2cm line, Mark those 2cm lines at end corners of radius line

Extend all those lines and redesign as shown in 5th image(below)

Draw the same design on cardboard

Make slot for PC fan by drawing the outline taking dimensions of fan

Cut the slot using cutter, Attach the fan to the slot(8th image)

Using hot glue stick all the components i.e DC motor, syringe And rechargeable batteries along with toggle switch like the exact same way from previous version(images 9 to 12)

Basic Switch circuit for spiderman web shooter

Make the basic electronic switch circuit like the previous version here the only difference is add terminals of pc fan along with terminals of DC Air Motor so that both will run at same time at the press of a button!

Once this is done, cover the remaining part of cardboard base using additional pieces of cardboard and paint it according to your favourite color, I prefer black.

As this is going to be a wearable device I will be using old watch

whole setup will be glue which later on can be wore to my hands like a watch.

If u don’t want to use watch, alternatively you can use Paper strips with velcro

I have cut the logo of spider and glue to blades of PC fan so it gives stunning effect.

How Does it Work?

Like the previous version attach the rubber inside the tube

wear it in your hand, just press the toggle switch for 4 to 5 seconds

Here only additional thing is PC fan starts to rotate as soon as you press toggle switch which is interesting

After few seconds your web comes out like the real spider man web

also if you have a 3D printer you can print the same design for much more stunning look


CHECK HERE to check out Spiderman web shooters working video!

Hope you found this idea useful & interesting, if you have any suggestions for improvements please let me know in comments

so that our discussion may end up in building newer version of web shooter!



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