Make Mini Falcon Wings

Avenger fans definitely should try to make Mini falcon wings as here all the information about making one is provided for free

What is Falcon wings

If you have seen avengers movie sam wilson wears a cool gadget which has wings and flies like a bird and its foldable

Here only one con is this mini falcon wings wont fly like bird!

Supplies required to make falcon wings

Piece of board from old notebook works best for this project don’t try to make this with corrugated cardboard

If you make own design, you need ruler and pencil if you use my design just a printer is enough!

Scissor, paper glue and super glue with some toothpick

For coloring use color pen or fabric paint in my opinion fabric paint works fine and appealing

Alright if you gather all those materials we can proceed with further steps

Design of wings and frame

Template to make mini falcon wings
Template for frame
Template to make mini falcon wings
Template for foldable wings

Use this template to make parts for foldable falcon wings, just trace it on piece of paper

Also you can scale this image to exact length as per given measurements

how to make falcon wings
How to make falcon wings

Cut this and paste it on cardboard (from notebook) and allow some time for complete dry of glue

If its not dry completely surface finishing while cutting won’t be good

Follow visual steps for much more details , Punch holes on cardboard wings and frame referring to template

After all the piece are cut we will make holders to hold all wings together on frame

To make holder i use piece of cardboard stripes that was rolled over head of toothpicks, 9 holders are required for this wings

steps on how to make falcon wings
steps on how to make falcon wings

Assemble all the parts referring to above visual instructions

For making this foldable rubber bands were used, working with springs will take some time!

To limit movement of second half wing in action i use a piece of thread to limit movement as shown in last image above

After this fold all wings to make sure everything works fine later proceed with coloring

i use red and black fabric paints then highlighting lines using black color pen

Care must be taken while paint job as some mistake might ruin overall project, back side of this was colored without any pattern

foldable wings falcon
foldable wings falcon coloring

After coloring is complete fold wings and mark centre point where both wings( second half) connect

Punch small hole so that toothpick can fit in, This will be use to control opening of wings at push of button!

When wings are closed this fits in hand as shown in final image which depicts simplicity of this complex project!

Make mini falcon wings Video tutorial

Watch full tutorial video on making mini foldable falcon wings Here

That was all all about this project if you are marvel fan i have other interesting projects make sure to check spiderman web shooters which was made earlier

Thanks for your time and interest if you think it’s worth sharing make sure to do it with your family and friends, HAVE A GOOD DAY



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