How to Make Rechargeable Hand Fan

How to make rechargeable hand fan since Summer is on its way! and everybody wants to stay cool with some fresh air blowing towards them, make sure to save this for your next science fair project ideas

How this hand held fan works

Toy dc motor is attach to propeller which is made from plastic that’s completely harmless if touch while it’s working

Rechargeable battery provides option to carry this fan anywhere

Lithium ion battery which is recycle from old laptop battery is connect to charging module

Gives large backup time as we know lithium ion batteries are good charge keepers

Here interesting part being i use 4 propellers instead of one as the force of air blowing will be more higher

If you have any ideas for upgrades i will consider your ideas, Let me know what you think

Requirements to Make Rechargeable Hand Fan

  1. 4 Toy dc motors works fine you can make with DVD motor too Get DC Motors here
  2. Propellers for motor that has 4 blades, will work fine with other fans make sure to adjust template accordingly
  3. Hard Cardboard from old book bind cover
  4. Rulers and pencil if you are making own template
  5. Scissor to cut cardboard
  6. Color or color paper for finishing
  7. Lithium ion battery
  8. simple on off switch
  9. charging module for battery charging

Steps for making fan

Use this template for making main frame of this fan

Note: These works best with my type of fan if you are using different type make measurements accordingly

make mini rechargeable fan
make mini rechargeable fan

I use piece of hard cardboard from bind cover which measures 11cm by 11cm

Mark mid point by drawing lines as shown on visual above

From corner mark 1cm apart line and draw motor frame outline

I use measurement from my motor frame which will be later fixed here Mark all these using pencil and ruler later cut using paper cutter

After these steps color front and back part according to your taste

make mini fan project
make mini fan project steps

From above visual we now have slots for toy dc motors

Attach motors carefully as we have much spaces between edges

Here after fixing to slots use wires to connect motors parallel

solder wire in parallel to motors as series connection need higher power input source

Positive of all motors will be on one side hence solder piece of wire next to one another

Negative will be on other side and repeat same steps

Later make holder for this fan from rectangular tube of cardboard alternatively pipe piece can be added

For making this rechargeable i use lipo battery charger also known as 18650 charging module

Add a switch between all these components which i think is not difficult to make

Make it all firm using hot glue, dual side tape also serves this purpose

All open wire connections are covered using insulation tape or hot glue

Lastly attach propellers to motor shaft and switch on to enjoy some air!

How to make a mini fan video

Watch How to make rechargeable hand fan video tutorial

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