Make Simple Wireless Power Transfer Project with Easy Circuit Diagram

Have you ever thought to Make Simple Wireless Power Transfer Project but couldn’t find any easy resources to follow?

If yes! you have landed in the right place.

Here we will see how to make wireless power transmission final year project or you can also use it as a science project.

This article includes a wireless power transmission circuit diagram and also a project report.

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Before diving into building let me give you a basic idea on working of wireless power transmission.

How Wireless Power Transmission Works

Magnetic inductive coupling principle is used in the working of wireless power transmission.

Like all transfer devices there will be a transmitter and receiver and this uses basic principle to transmit energy.

As we know that when we supply power to conducting material in our case copper.

Fields are induced outside the coil, here we are using a method to collect those fields.

This was some basic information that will help you understand the working.

Now lets jump into building of this interesting science project.

Materials required to build Wireless Power Transfer system

  • We need just few simple materials that will be available easily in any electronic hobby shops
  • Insulated copper wire of 0.4mm to 0.6mm few call it as gauge
  • 240cm x2 insulated copper wires(shown in image below)
  • 2N222A Transistor
  • LED or SMD LED
  • Battery case to fit 2 Lithium-ion Batteries
  • In my case resistor was optional

Once you have these materials we can start to build the transmitter and receiver part.

Transmitter is the part that sends the energy.

Receiver is the part that collects or receives the energy.

We will start by making the receiver part.

The process is very simple, just wing/roll the copper wire to any circular object

Im my case I was able to get 20 turns out from my 240cm wire.

Once it is complete just remove insulation from the 2 ends.

Just rub it using sandpaper or scratch surface using back side of wire cutter.

Wireless power transfer project receiver

You will end up with shiny copper surface, now you can connect LED to the ends.

To avoid any wire mess just use insulation tape on the sides as in image.

Wireless Power Transmission Circuit Diagram

wireless power transmission circuit diagram

This is the simple circuit we are using in this project.

We have already made the first circuit that is shown in left side of the circuit diagram image.

Now to make the transmission circuit we need separate winding.

Winding means turns of copper wire.

To make the winding for this we need to split the windings into two.

First wind the coil up to 10 turns.

Tie a small know or just twist the joint part.

Continue with 10 other turns, End of this process we have 3 terminals like below.

These are the 3 terminals that will be connect to battery source and transistor.

2N222A has 3 terminals which are emitter, base and collector.

Purpose of this is to amplify the low voltage signals to high voltage.

Make sure you remove the battery from case while preparing circuit.

Collector part is connect to negative of battery.

Emitter to one terminal of winding.

Middle terminal of winding is connect to positive of battery.

Follow the circuit diagram to make connections.

Now our project is ready to use.

How to use Wireless Electricity Transfer Project

You just have to power this project with lithium ion batteries.

I have not used any resistor as the resistance of the coil is sufficient enough to protect the transistor.

Also the ratings of 2n222a is high so no need to worry about overvoltage.

After you provide the transmitter coil with power.

Just bring the receiver close to the transmission coil.

When you bring it close LED will start to glow.

When you bring it almost close the LED glows at its max point.

Testing of Simple Wireless Power Transfer Project

This experiment shows that electricity can be transferred wirelessly.

Video to Make Simple Wireless Power Transfer Project

Video will be available here soon.

Now you may have few questions running on your mind, I got you!

How Far can Power be Transmitted Wirelessly

The answer is short as the distance between transmission is very small too.

The problem being interference and large amount of energy loss.

Lot of research and development is being done to transmit the power to a very large distances.

As you can see in our project we are using around 7.4v dc source.

But at the receiving point we have less than 2v.

This shows lots of energy is wasted in the fields.

I hope your question it is possible to transfer power wirelessly is answered well.

You can use this project report for your science fair as it contains lots of valuable information.

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