Arduino based Car Parking System with Full Project Report

In this tutorial we will see how to make arduino based car parking system in a simple way.

To begin with let me explain what is car parking system for those who are new.

Generally vehicles are parked where there is a dedicated zone but in some places, there are paid areas.

Some place are only built for parking and they have certain set of space for parking and at the entrance there will be a gate.

The gate controls the vehicle going in and going out, This project is a small scale version of that big size parking system.

I recommend building this project since it can get you award for innovation.

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Components for smart car parking using Arduino

The components are very easy to find in any local hobby electronics just get it from below.

  • Arduino Uno Full Kit
  • LCD display
  • I2c Module
  • Servo
  • Ir sensor x 2
  • Jumper wires
  • Small Breadboard

Arduino Car Parking System Circuit Diagram

The circuit is very easy to understand but beginners might find some complexity.

Don’t worry I will split the explanation into parts so anyone can understand this.

arduino based car parking system circuit diagram

In the circuit we are using an i2c module LCD display meaning instead of that many pin connections we have only 4.

Those 4 pins are Scl, Sda, Gnd, and Vcc.

Scl to A5 whereas Sda to A6, Power pins are connected to the power rails of the breadboard.

There are 2 IR sensors one for detecting the entry and the other to detect the exit of vehicles.

Servo signal pin to D5 pin whereas the Vcc and Gnd to respective power rails of breadboard.

Smart car parking system using arduino code

You can get the full program for this project here.

All you have to do is open and paste the file inside IDE, Select the proper port and board, and upload.

If you face any error make sure you have the library, If you don’t have the library get it here.

Now you can upload the program to Uno and test the circuit for working.

arduino smart car parking circuit

This is the circuit and the layout that you need to make while you are testing the project.

Note that the IR sensors that detect the entry and exit must be kept in proper order.

Once you power on this project the LCD should start to glow with a message.

Just wave the hand in front of the IR sensor module now there should be changes in the slot on the LCD.

Start from left to right this is the entry and if your LCD is showing an additional slot change the order of IR sensors.

This completes the testing, Now we can organize all the components on a piece of board that looks like a parking area.

How Arduino based car parking system works

With the help of cardboard I made a parking area type of space and detailed with white paper strips.

I have made the use of a small box that holds 2 IR sensor and a servo in this project.

You can also expand this project with lots of parking spaces in my case it was 4.

Now you may think how this project works?

The logic is simple the IR sensor when it detects any obstacles raises the servo and deducts the number 4 to 3.

Now in the other hand if the IR sensor 2 detects the obstacle the count will again add to 4.

This is the working behind this project and i have set the limit to 4.

Hope you found this project useful, Thank you and all the best



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