About Us

Hi my name is JEEVAN , Mechanical Engineer, Photographer and Tech Enthusiast, here in letsmakeprojects.com i would like to share my knowledge to the rest of world related to building projects.

Letsmakeprojects is an education website which shows how to make projects along with Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, Science fair Project ideas, Source Codes and much more , almost all these content are created and maintained by me.

The Motto behind creating this website is when i was a student i have struggled a lot to find perfect project idea which was essential for my science project or for my mini engineering projects, those days i was not having much ideas related to this, now since many years passed and i have a degree in mechanical engineering(obviously with good marks!) i have gained sufficient knowledge in fields of mechatronics and as a result i can build cool projects which you can see in this website. Help me to share this educational content worldwide which is provided free of cost. Thank You 🙂

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