Social Distancing Alarm Making Using ARDUINO

In this Project we will be learning how to make wearable social distancing alarm, This is simple Arduino project and at less price you can make this fully functional gadget at home which provides industrial performance

Interesting thing here is, this DIY Project can be used in day to day life basis and can be a real life saver. All the circuit diagrams and codes are Provided also the video link is provided at end.

What social distancing alarm device does?

The answer is simple, Whoever is wearing this gadget gets alerted  to maintain safe distance when he/she gets in close contact with any person by making beeeeep sound and hence reminding/alerting them to keep safe distance which is really necessary in this serious situation, this can also be made for science fair project and is a best science fair project ideas. After reading this you can also build various other designs of social distance alarm using same principle and gift your friends who forgets to maintain distance!

Working Principle

Ultrasonic distance sensor module transmits ultrasonic waves from one point and receives the signal from another, when the signal is being transmitted if it detects any object in it’s path, Signal will be sent to arduino board which in turn delivers power to small piezoelectric buzzer which makes sound/alarm/beep, here the distance which can be measured ranges between 2cm to 80cm and also this distance can be varied by making changes in Arduino code, So let’s head to building phase of this project

Note: I have provided video link at the End, Don’t Forget to check it out

Materials Required for social distance alarm

List of Materials to make Social distancing alarm, all materials are available in Amazon

social distance alarm requirements
ProductBuying in India
Buying in USA
Arduino Nano
Mini Breadboard
Piezoelectric Buzzer
Ultrasonic distance sensor
Jumper wires
Rechargeable battery
Hot glue
List of materials with buying link

Disclosure: These are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn some credits from qualifying purchases at no extra cost for you.

Along with these materials you need Arduino IDE and few pieces of cardboard for frame making

WHY Arduino Nano for social distance alarm making?

The main reason for using arduino nano in this project because of it’s smaller size(since this is wearable project), you can use arduino Uno also to make this, but the problem here is whole size of system gets much bigger, since the main aim of this project is to reduce size as much as possible(nobody wants wearables to be bigger!). since this is going to be a wearable gadget, For beginners the look of arduino nano is shown in image number 1, I’m using piezoelectric buzzer which is very small u can recycle this hardware from old alarm clocks or even from old toys as well, the size of buzzer which I’m using in this project is shown in image 2

Here the main part to be focused on is ultrasonic sensor which measures distance,Please refer image number 3 for reference and if u want this project to be much smaller you can eliminate jumper wires and solder the components to a PCB, making a customized PCB it’s not worth if we are making this as a hobby project for daily basis usage, So this was all about parts which we are going to use in this project now let’s head on to building circuit

Circuit Diagram for social distance alarm using arduino

social distance alarm circuit diagram
vcc+ve power supply
trigTriggers signals
echoReceives signals
gnd-ve power supply

There are 4 pins in ultrasonic sound sensor vcc ->means power supply, Trig which emits/transmits signals, echo which is receiver part and gnd which goes to negative power supply , for signals I’m using digital pins d3 and d4 of arduino board which means I’m connecting trig and echo of ultrasonic sensor to those pins(you can also use other digital pins), whereas vcc and Gnd goes to 5v and Gnd of arduino board, for much details in depth please refer circuit image

Buzzer connection

Buzzer has 2 pins one positive and other negative which goes to d2 and gnd pins of arduino board, for power supply I’m using lithium-ion battery which gives much larger battery backup compared to other types of batteries available, so that it has long run without the need to recharge again and again, here the positive and negative terminals of battery goes with 5v and gnd in arduino board

Once all the circuitry is complete it will look as shown in image 1.As I mentioned earlier using of Arduino Nano shrinks the size of our projects and you can see that too!


Steps to upload code

Connect your Nano board to computer using USB cable        

USB a type cable holds good for Nano

Open Arduino IDE in your computer

Later copy paste the code or you can write one for yourself

Adjust the distance in code at which your buzzer should make sound

Check for type of board and port in software, Later upload the code

Once the code gets done uploading de-attach your board from computer


Our project is ready for use but it needs an outer frame to look beautiful! So let’s build that too

I have cut few pieces of cardboard and glued them all together to form a closed frame so that all my electronic components fits inside perfectly, if u have 3d printer you can print the body with ease taking measurements of standard electronic parts, I recommend to use lithium-ion battery which we all know is rechargeable and has long capacity and is cheap also, for recharging this batteries once its discharged I have kept the connection pins between battery and arduino Nano board outside the body(works as a switch too) so when not in use you can disconnect wires and keep it aside

Future upgrades

Social distancing alarm app

Social distancing alarm cap using arduino

So this was all about making this project, I Hope I have given you very detailed and clear explanation about making this project so that even a beginner who wants to make this will be able to build without any difficulty, Make it for yourself or for your friends who forgets to maintain safe distance! This can be used as Real life application project to eliminate complex problems occurring in day to day life basis

Since the sound of buzzer may annoy few people in public, alternatively it can be modified using vibrator which vibrates on detection of close objects but the challenge being sometimes the vibration can’t be felt/sensed,


Very simple and easy to make project

Encourages learning of arduino and working of various other sensors

Enables creative thinking

Best science fair project idea

As always questions are welcome, if you have any suggestions for improving this project let me know in comments,


You can also check video for social distancing alarm using Arduino

if you have any additional queries post in comments, Thank you for your time and interest



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