Arduino Maze Game DIY

Arduino Maze game DIY, This project was made Earlier using Arduino uno since then many have been asking me to make same project using nano as an outcome the project size shrinked!

Note: Many people call it as Arduino Labyrinth Game but using word maze would be much simpler! try this best arduino projects for beginners

Arduino maze game diy
Mini arduino maze game

Features of Arduino maze game project V2

Major change being usage of Arduino Nano instead of Arduino Uno Performance is same as previous project

Reduced number of wires in making circuit connection, Simple frame and Can be powered using USB whereas in previous project separate power source was used

Materials required to make Arduino maze game project

  • Arduino Nano
  • Joystick module few also call it as ps2 module
  • Breadboard and few less jumper wires as this was main goal of upgrade
  • Pieces of wires
  • Plastic geared servo if cardboard maze
  • Metal geared servo if plexiglass is used for board
  • Double sided tape

Arduino Maze game code

Use this to paste in your IDE and later start making circuit connections, Make sure to select board type and port number in Arduino IDE, Simple circuit diagram for Arduino maze game mini version is given below

Arduino maze game circuit diagram
Arduino maze game circuit diagram

Circuit diagram Explanation

Joystick module Vrx and Vry are connect to analog pins A1 and A0

SW pin to D2 while Servo 1 and 2 are connect to D3 and D4

If connections are reversed just swap micro servo signal pins!

Gnd and 5v of all hardware components are connect to analog side Gnd and power pin of nano

Use breadboard and shorter cables to reduce number of wires and messy working environment

After the circuit is complete test the project so Just power usb power supply

If you are using 3d printed case for those Arduino project you can customize power storage slots

Further steps after circuit

arduino maze game project
maze game project steps

I used bent cardboard with double sided tape attached to its ends

Attach this to sides of breadboard

small case for joystick module was 3d print to make project look cooler Place all wires inside this casing

Micro servo for forward and backward movements(S1) should be glue to bottom Other servo will go into servo shaft of S1

Method to attach servo are shown in visuals above

How to make Labyrinth (Maze) from cardboard

To make labyrinth as per your customization choose cardboard because of easiness to work

My dimensions were 8cm all side, Hand draw maze first and Added side supports

Protruded drawn maze using thin cardboard then used Glue for sides

Color board if necessary (optional)

DIY labyrinth board
DIY labyrinth board

After your board gets complete find its center of gravity

To do so use your finger to balance and mark its balancing point

This point should be glue to servo shafts or servo horns

Recommended to use hot glue for this purpose as this can be removed later with less difficulties

Just plug in your device and its ready to play

Video tutorial on how to make arduino labyrinth project

Watch This Arduino Maze Game DIY Tutorial also check other best arduino projects 2021

Hope you will make this project, any clarifications just share it on comment box i will help you out, Happy making have a great day.



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