Smart Dustbin using Arduino

Smart Dustbin using Arduino is one of coolest project which you can make and use it in your home for regular use , before getting into making of this project lets have a look on few basic things

What is a Smart Dustbin?

You can call this touch less dustbin or automatic dustbin because there is no need to touch any parts to get the lid open

Just get object which you want to dump close to dustbin

It will open lid and after receiving trash it closes automatically

This is very responsive version which means very less delay or Just you can throw from any corner of room

Hence this can be known as smart device which minimizes extra effort to open and close

Advantage here is hygiene can be maintain since nobody touches it

Modification options are endless this can be made as smartphone control or remote controlled

I prefer this version as its more feasible

How does a smart dustbin work?

This works on very simple mechanism unlike conventional dustbin here motors drive lids

Micro servo will be serving the purpose of opening and closing of lid

This servos will be active once obstacle is detected by distance measuring sensor

These two devices are control by Arduino uno For working video you can check video provided at end

What is the use of smart dustbin?

Answer is very simple and similar to why we use dustbin?

Its an equipment used to collect garbage or other waste produced at our homes, Here the word smart adds on using technology to increase the level of comfort

How do you make a smart dustbin at home using arduino

First Gather all these supplies to make your very own smart dustbin

  1. Arduino UNO get in INDIA / USA
  2. Micro servo get in INDIA / USA
  3. Distance Sensor get in INDIA / USA

Besides this materials you need Piece of plastic board, breadboard and jumper wires along with battery that can be easily found in any local electrical

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Steps for building frame

make smart dustbin
Steps to Make smart dustbin

Take piece of board i prefer square for measurements you can refer cutting mat measurements in background

There is nothing like standard measurements for this project just an optimum size will work

I mark rectangle inside square piece of board as you see in above visual and later i cut following marks

Through this space garbage will be sent to dustbin / collector

To make this move like door hinge i used pieces of tube with help of cardboard i was able to make it suitable for open and close

After this work is complete follow circuit diagram and arduino code

Circuit diagram for Arduino smart dustbin

smart dustbin circuit diagram
smart dustbin circuit diagram

Here a point to note is that i use connectors instead of breadboard which saves lots of space, i added breadboard since its easy to understand

Smart dustbin Arduino code

Further steps

After making circuit and adding codes start by attaching servos to lid Servo horns are connected using hot glue

Make all the components to be firm on board as this will be invert later, use double sided tape to stick things

Select size of your bin as per waste generation Place it as shown in below visual

Connect battery and let it show its magic If you are using organic waste make sure to select plastic container

further steps
further steps

Video tutorial

Click here to watch working video of this project

This is one of the ways on other hand this can be made using Arduino and ir sensor and smart dustbin using iot

If you want a tutorial on that too you can let me know in comments definitely i will make, well if you loved this project take a moment to share this with others.



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