How it works solar energy

How it works solar energy? this is most questioned topic which needs to be definitely answered!

There is no doubt sun is ultimate source and cleanest form of energy that supports all kind of life forms

This renewable source of energy is very important for all creatures of earth!

We can’t imagine day of life without sun, with advancement in technology methods of extracting this energy form is ever growing

What is solar energy?

Energy emitting from sun in form of radiant heat is solar energy

Other names are sun energy

Energy is as a result of nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium

This reactions emits various radiations which is filtered when it reaches earth by atmospheric layer

This fire ball is emitting so much energy that if use completely all energy crisis on earth will come to end

Early days not many methods were discovered to tap this energy into useful purpose

Now there are various methods and techniques in which this energy can be harness, To name few check which are use commercially check out list below

Solar heating devices

Solar water heaters contains tube coated with color black to absorb heat from sun

Vacuum tubes of these type are connect to water tank More the tube more heat energy hence faster process

This energy later will be use to heat water hence its converted to heat energy

So here direct conversion of energy is taking place

On the other hand solar heaters on industrial grade is responsible to evaporate water from ocean water hence to obtain salt

Other similar application is on solar cooker which works by directing sun ray into one point

This concentrated ray can be use to cook because of high heat

Solar panels

Solar panels use silicon which absorbs photons from sun later converts to electric energy

Arrays of panels are arrange together or Solar roofing is trending in recent days which eliminates use of power grid

Applications are endless

Apart from this methods there are other process too which is not much widely used if you want complete data let me know in comments, this is enough for basic understanding!

Advantage of solar energy

  • Non polluting form of energy and also renewable source
  • Converted into easy way without much effort
  • Stages in converting is not so complicated
  • Free energy source


  • Climatic conditions play major role
  • Equipment cost and initial investment will be high
  • Periodic emission of energy in short only day time energy can be tap out
  • Conversion efficiency from harness devices is very low
  • Lots of Research & development is in progress to improve

That was some basic explanation of how this solar energy works, Reason for such short article is from my previous project of solar car many had been asking to make post on basics of solar energy

One sure thing is some day all other energy source may be exhaust leaving only sun energy and wind energy

Hence discovering new ways of tapping energy would be helpful for future generations!

Matter of fact is this energy has been with us since ages and will be till ages, thanks for your time!



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