How the Microwave works

How the Microwave works step by step guide is given in this article

How good is the oven for you and how does it work which you must know is given here in step by step

Also is Microwaved food bad for you? this question has an answer at end!

Lets dive into history behind origin of Microwave and its useful application Microwave Oven

Origin of the Microwave

Did you ever know that this was one of the accidental inventions?

Some experiments were being perform on magnetron by Scientist Percy Spencer

Magnetron is a device that produces powerful microwave radiation

Orgin of idea occurs when he starts to feel melting of chocolate in his pocket while performing experiments

This excites him and made him think what might be cause and also led a hint that microwaves can be utilize to cook food

So he confirms that High power traveling microwave has the ability to heat food, But he was not sure what was the reason behind this 

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves in a particular spectrum, Like other waves they also have alternating electric and magnetic fields

If we have a close look at amplitude of this wave in a specific area we can observe oscillation

Finally Oscillating electric field component of the electromagnetic wave was responsible for cooking food

How the Oscillating electric field in microwave cooks food

Food that we consume has small quantity of water present in it

Water is a polar molecule

Hydrogen atoms of water molecules have an angle separation of 104.5 degree from each other

Over hydrogen and oxygen atoms charges are present that makes it dipole

When an electric field is apply to a water molecule it starts to rotate due to the shock produced on dipole

Since in an electromagnetic wave electric field oscillates continually water molecules will keep on oscillating

Due to this oscillating rotation molecule will rub over each other that causes friction and heat in the food 

This was the working principle now lets have look on how this can be use on conventional microwave oven

Reflecting EMW on a confined space will cause reuse of electromagnetic waves multiple times that increases its efficiency

Now you may have answer to inside look of oven

Metal bounces back waves hence inner walls should be made from metal

For effective bouncing reflectors kept at source side this helps to continue this phenomenon and trap all the energy of EMR

Concept behind working

When the wave meets the reflector it returns to its source causing the first reflection wave or else it will be continuing to move forward

After reflection, a second wave will form that moves to the other side of the reflector causing a third wave and this continues

We don’t want many such waves to occur hence second reflector kept at intersection point of first and second wave

By doing this we have third wave which will travel in same path as of second wave so we have only two waves

Why does microwave rotates food kept inside?

As you know from above explanation waves travelling will have high and low energy spots which leads to uneven cooking of food

To solve this issue we have a rotating table inside a microwave that keeps rotating when the cooking process is going on

How the microwave works

Magnetron emits microwaves in all directions which we don’t want in an oven to happen

Waveguides help to propagate microwaves in one direction

From these guides waves enter the cooking chamber, These happen when you switch on oven

Open the door and place food later setting the timer tells machine how long waves need to be transmit

More the time more heat will be more, After closing the lid table keeps rotating which eventually cooks food

The safety and microwaves

Is Microwaved food bad for you? bothers many but before here are few things you need to consider

At the early developent stages due to lack of proper technology most of them were unsafe to use

Now due to advancement in technolgy all ovens are certified and safe to use

Hence microwave ovens are safe to use as the waves don’t leak out by any chance

Hope all your questions related to How the microwave works is given

If you still don’t know how SOLAR ENERGY WORKS you should know how

Any suggestions for points which you think is missing can be told in comments.



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