Gas Leakage Detection using Arduino with Alerting System

In this article we will see an easy way to make the project of Gas Leakage Detection using Arduino with buzzer system and indicator which is a very useful project.

I have given all the step-by-step instructions, circuit diagram, and Arduino code for the gas leakage detection project.

We will see the working principles behind this project and also the working of the gas sensor.

Working of lpg gas leakage detector

Here we are using an MQ2 gas and smoke sensor module to detect the leakage of smoke, Propane, Hydrogen, Carbon monoxide, and methane.

When the gas comes in contact with the sensing material inside the sensor its resistance changes.

This sensor is kept inside a protective mesh to prevent any damages during its working.

This is how the MQ2 sensor works and its very basic principle behind the working.

The above visual shows the MQ2 gas sensor module, More details are given below.

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To begin with, we will gather all the components necessary to build this project.

Supplies Required

  • Arduino Uno
  • MQ2 gas leakage detection sensor
  • Jumper wires and a small breadboard
  • Buzzer, Red, and white LED as indicators
  • Programming cable and IDE

Arduino Gas Leakage Detection System Circuit Diagram

Gas Leakage Detection using Arduino circuit diagram

I will be using this circuit diagram to build circuit connections in our project.

To be clearer I will explain this circuit diagram along with component-wise connections.

MQ2 Sensor Circuit Connections

This sensor comes with 4 sets of pins, 2 for power supply and the other 2 for digital and analog signals.

In this project, we are not using digital pins so we will connect 5v and GND pins from the sensor to the power rails of the breadboard.

The analog pin will be connected to the A5 pin of Arduino Uno.

When gas particles come across this sensor the resistance of the element decreases as a result current starts to flow that signal is very small.

To enhance or amplify the signal we have an op-amp built-in board that converts this low energy signal to a detectable signal.

It also has a variable potentiometer to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the sensor.

LED and buzzer connections

LED comes with 2 terminals out of which the negative side will go with a negative rail on the breadboard.

Whereas the positive side will be connected with the D11 side and the other LED to the D12 pin of Uno.

Buzzer negative terminal to negative of the breadboard and the positive side to D10 pin of Uno.

This completes our circuit, after all these connections we have our project that should look like this.

Gas leakage detector using Arduino code

You can use these Arduino Programs to paste in your IDE for this project.

One good thing here is you need not worry about any additional libraries to run this program.

Just connect the programming cable to your Arduino, open ide, and paste these.

On clicking upload, the board is ready to use.

You can power this project using external batteries as I did.

Coupling 2 lithium-ion batteries that deliver 7.4v works best for this project.

How to use Arduino gas leakage detector system

If you are using an external supply disconnect the USB power supply.

When the device powers on white LED glows that shows the device is on.

To test the project I have used a kitchen lighter that runs on butane.

When I press the gas button and bring it near the sensor the red light starts to glow immediately starting the beep sound.

This alerts saying the leakage is happening, now as soon as it stops detecting the gas buzzer stops.

Now the white light glows meaning it is on standby mode.

The device starts to pick up any gas leakage almost instantly and alerts with a buzzer.

There is a lot of options to upgrade this project one popular way is adding a gsm module.

If we add this we can get the alerts on any device which we link in.

That is an option, but for now, this project is sufficient to detect leakages and alert us!

Working video of Gas leakage detection with buzzer system

Don’t miss to check this video that includes video instructions of this project and how this works.

That completes this project, You can question us in comments regarding any answers that you wish to hear from us.



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