How To Make Arduino Piggy Bank

Piggy bank is familiar word to many but Arduino piggy bank may seem quite new to few people , well it’s nothing but Arduino version of piggy bank that means we use Arduino to control deposit and withdrawal of our saved stacks of money! if you are looking for best Arduino projects 2021 this can be one since it falls under useful arduino projects

Arduino code for piggy bank along with video link is given below, well for now let’s start with new arduino projects 2021

What is Arduino piggy bank

Many might have wondering how does our project look, so this is actual image of project.

Arduino piggy bank
Arduino piggy bank

Features of Arduino Piggy Bank

  • Can Collect several hundreds of coins
  • Piggy bank locks automatically when not in use
  • slot can be made open for inserting coin by simply waving at sensor
  • Uses less power
  • Can’t steal money!

That was some of basic features of our mini bank which we are going to build, now let’s gather supplies required to build this useful Arduino project

arduino piggy bank making
arduino piggy bank

Arduino Nano alternatively you can use Arduino UNO but Nano takes less space

Ultrasonic Distance sensor HC-SR04

Micro servo plastic geared works fine for this project

Cardboard or plastic body, size depending on how much money you are willing to feed!

Breadboard if you are using nano and Few jumper wires and external power source

I use Rechargeable battery, Hot glue for coupling

Part nameBuy in IndiaBuy in USA
Arduino Nano
Arduino UNO
HC-SR04 Sensor
Materials List

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Gather all the supplies first, Later open Arduino IDE on your computer, Copy paste this code and Upload to your Arduino Nano, If you are using Uno make changes in pin in code.

Arduino Code for Piggy Bank

Video Link

Watch full video Here to see how this piggy bank works

Once you upload the code disconnect power cable from board and follow below circuit diagram to make Circuit connections

Circuit Diagram

Arduino piggy bank circuit diagram
Arduino piggy bank circuit diagram

Circuit Diagram Explanation

Signal pin of micro servo goes to D9(or any other pin make changes in code)

Positive and negative of servo goes to 5v pin and Gnd pin of board

Vcc and Gnd should go to 5v and gnd respectively

Trig to D2 and Echo to D3 u can give digital pin number as per your choice make sure you make changes in code

In the head part of code you can see trig and echo commands followed by pin number if you want to make any alterations those are areas

Once you make all the connections of electronic components as per the above mentioned diagram test out the circuit by giving external DC power supply

When you wave hand near Sensor servo motor shaft should make movements, if it does we are good to go

Frame and finishing project

Finishing arduino project
Finishing Arduino Piggy Bank Project

Once the circuit is built completely and tested we need to make Casing for our piggy bank

Since we are using electronics we need separate chambers for collecting money and to place all electronic components

Make sure the space for electronics is small , Since i made using nano only small place was sufficient

Once all the components are placed stick to frame using hot glue or gum tape

Mechanism for piggy bank

Here the mechanism is very simple

Make hole on cardboard where u will drop the coins

Size of hole depends on which country you live in as coins size varies accordingly

Make sure it’s near to sensor , By default the servo will be in its rest position

Stick a small piece of cardboard to shaft of servo motor Now stick servo motor to previously made hole using hot glue

One important thing to be taken care here is make sure the servo shaft swings within the given area, if u have any overlapping issues with cardboard reduce angle of rotation of servo in code

Test out if everything works fine before sealing everything

Connect wire and switch if necessary to outside box so that bpower supply is from outside

Once above said are made seal the piggy bank box using hot glue which i prefer

Here the coins once inserted can’t be taken unless you open the box entirely in short you can open the box when the box is full!

How to use Arduino piggy bank

From above instructions many might have got idea how it works but few might still left with confusions

  1. Switch on power supply from battery
  2. Place coin on slot which you want to save for future
  3. Wave or just get your hand near the ultrasonic sensor
  4. Servo makes small rotation which means your coin falls into bank
  5. Here the concept is cardboard piece attached to servo motor shaft acts as barrier
  6. Save your money!

Hope that was clear instructions on how to make Arduino piggy bank, if you are making this project and need any help which you think i have not included here let me know in the comment section, Make sure to check out older posts related to Science and Arduino Projects, Thank you 🙂



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