Double Shaft Motor Making

Hi we will see How to make Double shaft DC Motor using 3D printed parts, How to make Dual shaft motor was covered in previous posts , Firstly let’s look into exact meaning of double shaft motor which is required for building science projects and other electronic projects

Make double shaft dc motor
Make double shaft dc motor

Few might be still wondering what is DC Motor Shaft let me clear your doubts first, Shaft is rotating part of motor which is fixed to rotor where it gives mechanical energy output while electrical energy will be input, Tapping of this mechanical energy can be in different ways depending on applications

Note: Don’t miss out to check video of this motor at end of this article

What is Double side Shaft DC Motor

Normally Toy dc motor comes with single shaft assume we are making 4wd remote car we need 4 motors to be connected to wheels, Whereas those numbers can be only 2 if dual shaft motors are used, So in simple words a single motor having 2 shafts basically on its front and back.

Supplies for Dual Shaft Electric Motor

make 3d printed dual shaft motor
Design for 3d printed dual shaft motor

3D Printer with your favorite color filaments, PLA works fine

Extra shaft recycled from old cycle spokes or umbrella

Rotor part from old motor Magnets neodymium or from old dc motor

I designed Motor body by taking Toy dc motor as reference later i increased overall size of motor during slicing process

I used 3D printer to print frame of this motor, Point was to print in different colors

Print the body here no infilling is necessary and Remove printed part with supports and clean if necessary

I found it easy to print whole part at once later followed by trimming and sanding them into different sections

Make hole on protruding sections please refer image four This is outlet ports for shafts

Shaft making

To make double shaft aka elongation of shaft here are some easy trick which are shown in visuals below please follow exact same instructions

Shaft removal from motor rotor
Shaft removal from motor rotor

Take wheel or any other rubber object to insert rotor of old motor

Using hammer slightly hit end of shaft but make sure rotor is in place as shown in image

Using other side will result in breakage of bushes Upon hitting few times shaft starts moving downwards

Use recycled shaft from cycle wheel spokes to add and elongate

End of this process you will have rotor with long shafts!

Assembling 3D Printed Motor

assembling motor
Assembling double shaft motor

After all parts are ready we can move onto assembly process of this dual shaft electric motor

Steps are very simple and shown in above visuals, I use superglue to stick magnets

Two magnets should be use as more powerful magnets increase strength of rotor

For Brushes i use part from old motor well there are other ways to make this if you don’t have one

Just peel copper from wires and attach side to side because they perform role of brushes

Close both parts using drop of superglue or insulated tape Prefer to use same color tape if you are using tape

Superglue makes the work look lot cleaner Test your dual shaft electric motor by giving power from battery

Now you are holding performance of 2 motors in single motor

How to Make Double Shaft Motor Video tutorial

Watch dual shaft dc motor working

That was about making 3d printed double shaft dc motor, if you have modification ideas or tips to much better performance for this project let me know in comments, also consider checking my previous interesting posts.



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