Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Hi, young creators today we will have a look at easy science experiments for kids.

Are you a parent looking for some cool science experiments for your kids to do at home? For this summer or holiday season?

You are at the right place, Science experiments help kids to think on various topics as they get hands-on experience that helps them to develop self thinking ability.

All the given experiments are very simple that teach the basics of various principles, So we shall begin with the list of simple science experiments.

7 Newest Easy Science Experiments for Kids

  • Leakproof Plastic bag Experiment
  • Popping Colors in a Jar
  • Change Color of Roses
  • Generate Electricity from balloon
  • Change the color of liquid inside glass
  • Bending water experiment
  • Transparent Egg
  • Blow a balloon without blowing

1. Waterproof Plastic bag Experiment

For this experiment, you need a transparent plastic bag, a cup of water, and a pen.

Steps to conduct this experiment.

Pour a cup of water inside the plastic bag and tie it with a piece of thread, Take a pen and pierce the plastic bag until the pen comes out from another end.

But the interesting thing is not even a drop of water spills out from a plastic bag, why this happened?

Plastic bags are made up of polymers, and these have a long chain of molecules that are flexible.

When you pierced the bag with a pen, the pen passes through this chain of molecules that constitutes polymer.

So this chain of molecules creates a seal that won’t let the water spill from the bag.

2. Colors pop in a Jar

Materials necessary to perform this experiment are a glass jar, Baby oil or cooking oil, Food colors, and a small bowl.

Add 3/4th of slightly warm water to a glass jar, now in a separate bowl add 15ml of oil and droplets of food coloring all over the surface of the oil.

Now pour these from bowl to glass jar, wait for some time.

You can observe colors dropping down from the top layer of water filled glass jar to the bottom.

3. Change the color of Roses

Ever thought you can change the color of the rose as per your choice? If no you can know how that can be done.

Materials for this experiment are a vase with flowers, some food colors, and water.

Pour water into a vase and add the food color of your choice and keep the flower inside the vase such that the stem of the flower is inside the mixture.

Wait for 11 hours and you can see the color of the flower has changed to the color you added.

4. Generate Electricity from Balloon

Not to fear when you heard the term electricity! we are talking about the static electric experiment here.

To do this simple experiment all you need is a balloon and pieces of paper.

Blow the balloon and tie it so that air does not pass out, now rub the balloon against your Hairs gently for some time.

Now take this towards bits of paper, you can see the paper pieces dancing.

Why did this happen?

This is because of static electricity charges between 2 objects.

5. Change color of liquid without touching Glass

This experiment shows capillary action, for this experiment you need 3 small glass cups, a small piece of cloth, and food color.

Fill glass with water till 3/4th and drop food colors, prepare same for different colors.

I prefer to use red, green and blue, Now you have 3 different colors in a glass.

Keep glasses next to each other and connect 1 and 2 by dipping pieces of cloth up to the glass bottom and do the same for 2 and 3.

Now as you wait for some time you can see the colors will jump from one glass to another.

6. Bending Water Experiment

This is similar to experiment number 4 as said above.

Materials for this experiment are pieces of pipe only and a water tap.

Rub piece of the pipe against your hair, now go near water tap with a small flow of water

Bring pipe close to the water and see the bending of water.

7. Transparent Egg

This is a very clever way of making a boiled egg without any fire! Note that after this experiment egg is not edible!

To conduct this experiment all you need is a small jar inside in which eggs can fit, whole egg, and vinegar.

Pour vinegar into the container and submerge egg inside vinegar for a day.

Now take out the egg from the container all you can see is a transparent egg with a disappeared shell.

Where did the shell go? here the vinegar dissolved shell that was made from calcium carbonate hence leaving only inside part of the egg.

Here is the bonus science experiment idea.

8. Blow a Balloon without blowing

This is a very simple experiment, just add vinegar to a plastic bottle and add a spoon of baking soda.

Immediately cover the top of the bottle with a balloon and watch it getting blow.

Those were some of the experiments for kids to try at home, if you are a kid reading this if you have any doubt kindly check with your parents although none of the experiments is harmless.

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