How does Tesla Coil Work

Hi readers is How does Tesla Coil Work topic bothering you!? If Yes we will discuss in detail the working of Tesla coil. Let’s start by short definition of what actually tesla coil means.

What is Tesla coil?

Tesla coil is a device producing a high frequency current at a very high temperature but with relatively small intensity. The tesla coil works with principle of electromagnetic induction

According to which, when a conductor is place under a varying magnetic field small current will be induced inside the conductor

For a Tesla coil this conductor will be known as secondary coil and varying magnetic field will be produce by the primary coil by passing an oscillating current through the primary coil

Primary coil which will be in oscillating current and hence it will produce magnetic flux around it,

Now this coil is wind under the secondary coil and hence according to law of electromagnetic induction voltage will be induce in the secondary coil

Changes in number of turns on secondary coil is very large than primary coil

So here voltage will be very high and hence this coil will have very strong electric flux around it, Hence used in wireless power transmission.

Circuit Diagram of Tesla coil

Tesla coil circuit
Tesla coil circuit

How does Tesla coil work?

In this section we will cover complete operation and working of Tesla coil we will consider primary and secondary circuit as shown in diagram above

Tesla coil consists of two parts number one is primary coil and Number two being secondary coil each with its own capacitor

Coil and capacitor are connect by a spark gap, A gap of air between two electrodes that generate the Spark of electricity. That need high voltage power source

Regular power source through a transformer produce a current with sufficient power of at-least thousand of volts

So a transformer converts low voltage of main power into high voltage.

Stages of working

As Transformer boosts the voltage, Because of power source in primary coil the primary coil’s capacitor works like a storage of energy

Electric current builds up in the capacitor until it has reached its tripping point. The current streams out of the capacitor into the coil

when the capacitor completely gets discharge, inductor reach its maximum charge and send voltage into spark gap basically the gap of air between two electrodes

The huge voltage current through the Spark gap into the secondary coil energy flow between the two coils

Secondary coil has a top load capacitor that concentrates all the current and can eventually Shoot lightning,  this phenomenon is known as resonance between the two coils

When the primary coil transvers the current into the secondary coil at same time maximizes the energy transferred into the secondary coil.

The output Circuit can have two forms:

Unipolar One end of secondary winding is connect to a single High Voltage terminal and is grounded

Unipolar circuit
Unipolar circuit

Primary winding is located near the bottom low potential and of secondary to minimize gap between the winding

Since the ground serves  as return path of high voltage, streamer Sharks from the terminal tend to jump to any nearby grounded object

Bipolar Neither end of secondary winding is grounded, and both are brought out to High Voltage terminal

Here the primary winding is located at center of secondary coil that will be equidistant between two high potential terminals

To discourage arcing. the circuit operates in a rapid repeating cycle in which the supply Transformer charges the primary capacitor

Which than discharge in Spark through Spark gap creating a brief pulse of alternating current in primary circuit which excites a voltage through the second Tesla circuit that can also be classified by many resonance coil.

Some Aspects of Tesla coil and Spark gap

The circuit of coil contains a capacitor and small hole when the coil is turned on electricity flow through the circuit and field

The capacitor with electrons works like like a battery this charge creates its own electric potential in the circuit which  tries to Bridge across the spark gap

It allows uniform distribution of voltage through the winding coils

Builds up the voltage at a slow Pace and hence no damage

Use of three phase rectifier for higher power can offer tremendous load sharing

As a result it possess several health hazards due to High Voltage radio frequency emission.

Spark Gap Fundamentals

  • High current
  • Not too wide 25 inch
  • Need quenching
  • Static
  • Two carriage bolts
  • Multiple copper tube gaps with blower
  • Rotary synchronous or asynchronous.

Tesla coil with an adjustable rotary spark gap gives the operator more control over the voltage of current is produces.

Types of Tesla Coils

Spark gap Tesla coil

Spark gap Tesla coil has two electrode positioned close to each other

Solid state Tesla coil- solid state Tesla coil replaces spark gap with modern technology. transistors, MOSFETs, IGBTs  are all example of modern switches.  these machines are typically much more efficient and reliable in comparison with predecessors, their capabilities are vast

Solid state machine are capable of many things because of their abilities to use microcontrollers and wide variety of spark effect are possible.

Single resonant coil

This is the most basic type of coil and referred to resonance of secondary

In secondary state it is usually couple to primary with capacitor that is how a Tesla coil works using the most Basic technique

Class E Tesla coil

In this type of coil the primary capacitor and coil A resonant

Class E circuit are common in commercial RF amplifier many early solid-state coils are based on these circuits.

That was all about How does Tesla Coil Work now lets have a look on

Applications of Tesla coils

At present These walls do not required large Complex circuit to produce high voltage

Nevertheless small Tesla coil find their application in range of sectors

  1. Aluminum welding.
  2. Car use these coil for the spark plug ignition.
  3. Creator of Tesla coil France use it to generate artificial lightning, Sounds
  4. Musical Tesla coil in entertainment and education industry are used as point of attraction in Electronic Fair and Science museums.
  5. High vacuum systems and in rc lighters.
  6. Vacuum system leak detectors.
  7. The transmission of electrical energy without wires

In case anything was miss in How does Tesla Coil Work and want me to add let me know in comments, Thanks



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