How to Make web shooter easy

How to make web shooter easy this project idea arise from upcoming spider-man no way home movie, this functional web shooter project is made using cardboard and paper

Does spiderman web shooter exist in real

Well spider-man is movie with lots of sci-fi gadgets which on current technology is not possible to make but as technology is developing day by day actual type of Spiderman web shooter may exist

What make this web shooter special

I have use very limited resources but working functions similar to actual web shooter

In future i will make this retractable type which means the web which was sent out can be pull back at press of button

Lets start to build this after gathering below stated materials

A4 sheet paper which is cut that measures 5cm* original length of paper, Thick piece of cardboard, Cutter and Color pen or fabric paint

Spring which is available from old click pens, popsicle stick. That is all you need to make this project

Start by rolling piece of paper into tubes one that measures 5*30cm this will be main barrel mechanism fro which web shoots out

Make another barrel after rolling paper which measres 4*9cm

Both barrels should be harden with super glue, to do this just slowly apply glue all over its surface wait for some time to be dry

make real spiderman web shooter steps
Make real spiderman web shooter steps

Working mechanism for functional web shooter

After the barrel is dry keep it aside for some time as the super glue might still be wet in some areas

Meanwhile take a piece of popscile stick and stick spring if you are wondering where can i get spring ill tell you

You can get spring easily from old pen which has click mechanism

Purpose of spring is it stores energy when its compresed and when its released this energy pushes web from barrel

Use super glue to attach popsicle stick with spring to bas of main barrel, i use piece of sand paper to finish surface after trimming excess edges

Spider-man web shooter template

This template was designed after many trial and errors

Here as you can see there is some space at top part which allows web to go out at press of release switch

Just Draw this template on paper and later cut follow by gluing this piece on cadboard

Corrugated type doesn’t work well here, you need thick board type which can be found in notebooks

template for web shooter project
Template for web shooter project

So time to scavenge for some old books!

Use paper glue to stick and wait untill it dries up, use cutter or scissor to cut

I made some creative modifications here by addition of two side supports which gives more appealing look

Colors especially black and red give highlights as real Spiderman comes in those colors too

How to make band

To make band i use strip of thin cardboard, which was recycled from old phone box

You can make same by folding multi layers of newspaper

Add some colors using fabric paint or color pen, i prefer fabric paint

Velcro can be use to lock band but i use powerful neodymium magets which worked well

Take care of hand size before gluing main frame to band

How to make web

As in movies we can’t expect multiple web to come out spontaneously here things work little bit different

Here the piece which slides inside first barrel is attach to small piece of thread i took 30cm length white thread

Glue one end of thread to tip of paper roll

Other end can be fold and kept inside barrel or ste free just make sure path is clear when web comes out

Here after every cycle this needs to be load but it doesn’t much time

Just push paper roll inside main barrel and lock it from end of release buttom

Can do this with or without wearing web shooter

To make release button i utilized popsicle stick

Good thing about this type of wooden sticks is it becomes flexible when soaked with water

I just added few drops of water to all surface and allow some 5mins take out excess water and bend as per your hand size

After shaping allow for sun dry or hair dryre works if you can’t wait

Just add this to main frame using flexible gum tape that works like hinges

Stopper is added in betwwen spaces as shown in frame

frame for spiderman web shooter
Frame for spiderman web shooter

For reference have a look on visual steps which contains all the steps

After all steps are complete project looks like this! it works amazing as it seems amazing

Real spider-man web shooter
Real spider-man web shooter

Working video of real spider-man web shooter that shoots

Watch this video tutorial of How to make web shooter easy

Apart from this i made lots of other version web shooter to name some using ,matches and from homecoming and ps4 type check old posts to know how



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