DIY Arduino Weighing Scale

Hi, are you looking for DIY Arduino Weighing Scale codes, How to measure weight using Arduino, or details about Arduino digital load cell then you are at right place to know How.

Arduino weight measurement using load cell and Hx711 module working principle

The Principle is similar to commercially available weighing scales, let me be more specific about the device which we are making in this project

Load cell is used to measure weight when load is applied

This signals are very weak to be processed directly to arduino hence we are using HX 711 load cell amplifier

Amplified signals travel to arduino which later will be convert to format understood by using set of arduino codes

Finally weight of object placed on load cell will be displayed on digital display module in real time

Load cell is a device here in this project you can call it as a sensor to measure weight

With the principle being explained beginners to project building could easily make this digital weight measuring instrument from Arduino

Materials Required to make Arduino Weighing Scale

All the materials mentioned below are available in amazon, if you already have these components you can proceed with further steps

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Arduino UNO
HX 711 and Load cell
Display module
Material list
DIY Arduino weighing scale supplies
Arduino load cell project materilas

Above image is for beginners to Arduino basics!

Please note here code was written and optimized(after several trial and errors) to run perfectly on Uno, using other versions of Arduino boards might cause some problems in function, well if you are an Arduino expert you can write your own code.

Arduino Weighing Scale circuit diagram

Arduino weighing scale circuit diagram
Arduino digital load cell circuit diagram

Please refer above circuit diagram to make circuit connections to make Arduino weight measuring device, here the function of HX 711 is signal amplification which receives from load cell, different capacity load cell can be use to make this project, Once the circuit is complete upload the code

Arduino weight measurement project Code

Simply open your Arduino IDE and copy paste this code and upload to Uno, If you are struck in process of code upload to board i recommend you to refer my older posts which explains same.

Load Cell preparation

Load cell arduino project
Load cell Arduino project

I use old pc fan body as a frame to hold load cell and this perfectly does the job

Remove motor part of pc fan using pliers and replace it with load cell and firm it using screws

Make sure end of cell has space

Check for arrow which indicates direction of load application before screwing load cell to pc fan

Our load cell preparation is complete and ready for using you can perform this step before or after making circuit

Once all these steps are complete your project will look like this, you can also upgrade this project by adding custom printed body using 3d printer and making it more appealing, well for electronic weighing machine mini project this is sufficient!

I have used weights with specific values to check calibration of load cell and apparently everything works very well

i barely got 1gm variations in some weight, that’s not a big deal!!

DIY Arduino weighing scale
arduino high precision load cell

DIY Arduino Weighing Scale Video

Watch How to make Digital Weight Measuring Machine with Arduino which is best Arduino project idea for beginners

Hope this helped you in many ways, show your support for this project by sharing it with needy ones, make sure to have a look on my other science and Arduino projects. Thank You



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