How Electronic components work

How Electronic components work? You might be wondering which specific type of components, Well here we will talk about components on which i made various cool projects

Electronic components list
Electronic components list

Essential components to make DIY Electronic projects

  • Arduino and Raspberry pi
  • DC Motor
  • Micro servo
  • Switches
  • Resistors
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper wires
  • Piezoelectric Buzzer
  • Potentiometer
  • Battery
  • DC Water pump
  • DC Air pump

Here i gave basic introduction to above electronic components along with How Electronic components work

Please note these explanation is sufficient to make projects from these components for more in depth explanation Google search can be your best friend!

How Electronic components work Arduino

One of popular board use to control electronic devices

Which include sound sensor, soil moisture sensor, ultrasonic sensor, finger print sensor and the lists are endless

Here IDE which is software will be use to interlink components and Board

Depending on code various controls can be attain between components here code varies as components vary

There are various size of these boards Smallest one are Mini other variants include popular UNO and Mega

Few project examples automatic hand sanitizer, dog feeder, walking robot and social distancing alarm

Raspberry pi

Python, java and c can be use to program raspberry pi

Mini computer is interesting project which works like real computer

IOT and machine learning projects are made using this board

It comes in various sizes Recent versions are Raspberry pi 400 and Raspberry pi Pico

Has inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and temp sensors latest Projects include Wi-Fi camera and Wi-Fi rover

How DC Motor works

One of most used component by beginner to electronic projects is DC Motor, here we will be talking about only toy dc motor

DC Motor works on principle of EMF

Motor is designed to get rotational force as output when power electric energy is given

To name few Remote vehicles, dc motor water pump, dc air pump, DC geared motor, Dual shaft motors and the list goes on

How Micro servo works

Micro servos has high torque because of gears

Small micro controller will be use to control the motor

It has gears attach to shaft of motor Reduction and expansion of gear depends on type of applications

Micro servo comes in plastic geared and metal geared versions

Commonly used to make robotic arm and other robotic projects where torque is key

How Electronic components work Switches

Switch act as interface between power supply and control object

Use to on and off circuit Comes in different sizes and shapes

selected for use as per type of application and usage of power

Low power switch cant be use in high power application same applies in other way round

How Electronic components work Resistors

These are use to control the flow of current

For example if you want to glow 2v LED Diode with 9v battery resistor is necessary because led are rated to max 2v so direct usage will burn bulb

Resistor values are different for different power requirement

Determined using color codes each color has its own value

V=IR is general formula for calculations

Inductance and resistance found from above formulae

Breadboard Functions

If you want to interlink various components breadboard is easiest way

Breadboard has tiny holes which are connect internally in vertical or horizontal way

Power rails run vertically means if you provide power to one line remaining all the lines have power

Alternative to PCB but larger circuit needs more wiring that makes the overall view of project messy

Use of Jumper wires

Used to connect holes inn breadboard externally that has connectors at the end

Male to male, male to female, female to female are types of jumpers

How Piezoelectric buzzer works

The name piezoelectric as it uses this component to work

Buzzer works because of change in shape

When voltage is pass as result of change in shape between material vibration occurs which is sound

Used as alarm in most of projects

How Electronic components work Potentiometer

Used to vary the resistance Resistance can be change by usage of different resistance value materials

Use to control flow of current it is Similar to resistor but here resistance can be change in real time while in resistor its constant

volume control and speed control devices

How Battery works

Portable power storage devices

Variation in sizes, shapes and capacities

Using batter makes the project free from wires attached to power adapter that Comes in rechargeable and non rechargeable type

How DC Water pump works

Extended application of DC Motor

Uses impeller attached to shaft encased in cover Designed in well manner to receive and give water

Size available from types which fits in palm to size of building

Here from small water pump liquids can be transfer from one place to another

Used to make small Aquarium, automatic hand was sanitizer, Small type include submersible version

DC Air pump or DC air motor

Same like water pump instead of water impeller diaphragm is used

Sealed with extra attachment containing diaphragm on shaft

Can be use to make balloon inflator, cycle tire inflator

Big version of these used in air blowers which includes industrial grade as well

Well that was about How Electronic components works, Thanks for showing interest!



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