Make Iron Man Mask

Learn how to make iron man mask using cardboard in very easy way.

This Iron man faceplate which some call as iron man face mask is made from cardboard.

This is functional as it can open and close like the real one, the only problem i found is as i have large size head it didn’t fit me.

Please take care of this factor when you are making this.

To make it easier i have given free Cut out Cardboard Iron Man Helmet template in pdf.

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Materials to make Iron Man Mask

Cardboard, Templates printout or hand drawn, Paint, Tissue papers and paper glue.

You can use common colors like silver and red but i chose gold and red.

For mechanism i use new syringes and irrigation tubes.

Yes, These are the materials with which you can make this faceplate.

We will start by Taking printout of templates.

Iron Man Helmet Template PDF download free

You can check for templates here.

If you don’t want to print and want to customize it on your own you can do it too.

Others who are not good in designing can take copies of these Templates.

Building Phase 1

At first we will start by making front face plate that opens and closes.

To do this use template numbers 1 and 2, I have given numbers of template in order.

When you are building specific parts this will guide you.

So Cut this paper pieces and stick on to pieces of keyboard.

To avoid confusions i have add numbers in cardboards too.

Building Phase 2

Once you have your face plate you can start to continue with templates 3 and 4 and face plate sides.

Note: To retain the shape at the start everything will be stick together using gum tape.

Later once we have the perfect shape we can cut this part.

You may find it as lot of pieces as everything is in order you can follow up easily.

If you have any confusion here you can check the video which is given at end.

Hardening Iron Man Mask

After you have all the pieces together you can harden them, To do so we will be using tissue mix with paper glue.

Use paint brush to cover entire surface with tissue.

It takes some of your time but keep patience in doing so.

After everything is complete allow to dry which takes entire day, At the end you will have hard shell which is ready to have some colors.


Before painting cut the face shell using cutter

It is very easy, Just cut across the sides where you added gum tape earlier.

To give gold color i made use of paint specially made for objects you can find in hobby shop and rest of part with red fabric paint.

I would not recommend to paint inner parts as it is not visible to outside, If you want to you can.

Adding Mechanism

To open and close the face plate i made use of new syringes and small irrigation tubes.

Just fill it with water and have a mechanism such that when one end is pushed inside other comes out and when it is pulled back it goes in.

This mechanism is add to face plate part.

Use hot glue to attach syringes and allow some time to dry completely.

Here you should have water tight seals as it should not break during working.

That was all about making iron man mask, if you have any questions please do ask in comments

Working video of Iron Man Helmet

For working of this Iron man helmet consider watching this video



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