Spiderman No Way Home Mask

Let’s see how to make no way home mask from Spiderman movie, All templates to make this along with with step by step instructions are given.

Spiderman no way home has set internet on fire and many enthusiast are on their way building masks.

If you are a cosplay lover then you must definitely try to make this mini mask which is functional with moving lens.

This small and functional Spiderman mask can move its lens thereby making it look more real like original.

And best part being here is this is made from gold lines that is unique.

Images along with details on how to work with each step is given, Kindly feel free to drop comments if you are struck in any step.

Lets start by gathering supplies that are necessary to build this

  • Cardboard from old notebook
  • Tissue paper
  • Fabric paint and paint brush
  • Hot glue suits best
  • Gold paint
  • Few length of white or yellow woolen thread

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Template for Spiderman no way home mask

Credit for this mask.

Note: To make it a lot easier i have given numbers on top of each step, and explanation is given as per the number.

Download or trace this mask on a sheet of paper Since this is small version you can use template that fits in a A4 size sheet.

Use paper glue and paste template on this cardboard and cut them using scissors.

Corrugated cardboard is not suitable to make this face shell, Hence use book covers.

You will have pieces as shown in visual number 3.

Each unique 3 pieces make one side of face shell.

Use hot glue to join the cut edges.

Don’t use too much glue as this makes inner surface look ugly later on.

Now you will end up with half shell, Repeat same steps on other half too.

Now we have face shell that looks similar to Spiderman mask

Template and building face shell

Note: Awesome working video is given below Don’t miss to check it.

Hardening the shell

Since the book cover is very soft from our process we get less strong shell.

To make it hard all you need is tissues and paper glue.

It gives good results when you mix paper glue with little amount of water.

Cut tissues into smaller pieces and apply to these shell using brush.

It takes a while to finish the entire shell.

after some time you will have face shell covered with tissues!

Wait until the shell is completely dry(more than 24hours).

Finishing the face shell

Once your waiting time is over you will have hard shell.

You can cross check by tapping on the shell it gives out knock sounds.

Once this is complete we can proceed with making eye holders.

To make this i made use of black piece thick paper.

You can find these in electronic gadget covers too.

Shell finishing steps

Trace the shape of eye and cut the same using scissor.

Once you have 2 frames ready install it to the shell as in image four.

Gold Spider web pattern

This is something which add life to this Spiderman face shell.

I made use of gold paint that is use in coating sculptures.

I use white woolen thread that was tie to legs of table.

So that i can paint across the length in very easy way.

At end of this process i was left out with gold threads.

Adding this to shell is very easy, i add tiny amount of super glue followed by adding these threads.

If you are not where to add mark dull lines using pencils.

These guides you with the process.

How to make Mechanical moving eyes of Spiderman

This makes use of very simple mechanism in which when you pull the thread, Eyes close.

And when you release the thread eyes come back to original position.

To make this first make inner eyes, you can make this checking size of inner space.

Use pencil to get size estimation that follows by drawing on paper.

If you refer eighth image you will have idea on these eyes.

After your eyes are ready attach piece of rubber band aka elastic band on bottom ends of eye pieces.

Do the same for other side also.

Finally add fish wire on bottom eyes and to achieve the mechanism you will need small tube.

This helps to function like a pulley.

Spiderman No Way Home Mask internal mechanism

Spider Man no way home mask template

From above image you can see the mechanism that shows how a moving lens in Spiderman mask works.

The arrows shows string direction that should be pull down so that you will end up with lens that moves.

That was simple tutorial on how to make Spiderman No Way Home Mask.

You can check working of this project HERE

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