Make Mini Fan From Cardboard

How to Make mini fan from cardboard that fits your desk which can be used at home or as an idea for science fair project because this project is made from recycled materials

Why Build cooling fan?

Many young aspirers only have theoretical knowledge on how fan works but lack practical knowledge, in such cases hands on experience will help sorting problems

Building this project encourages you to think in many ways for example blades of fan seen in real life and in this project varies

So you start to compare hence this can be spark for thinking

Features of mini fan made with cardboard

Blows air at very descent speed, Uses power from rechargeable battery, Separate motor control

Has dual motors hence more powerful

Individually adjustable fan direction Fits in small workspace and Made from recyclable materials

Very simple to make Understand working principles of fan

Video tutorial link will be provided at last as usual!

Materials required to make fan at home

  1. Toy DC Motors
  2. Cardboard stripes which are precut for easier working
  3. Pencils, Scissors and Glue
  4. Rechargeable batteries and couple of wire with some Battery connectors
  5. Bottle caps

These materials are found at almost everybody’s home,

Making fan propellers for mini fan

template from cardboard
Mini fan using cardboard

I drew shape of propellers on strip of cardboard later was cut individually

It will take some time as 16 pieces needs to be drawn and cut

Instead of drawing new sketch for each propeller make one common propeller shape and later trace same on rest of areas Using scissors cut i used only 11 pieces

Mini fan blade
Mini fan blade making

Make hole on cap before we attach propellers aka fan blades

Using superglue attach individually Check for size on cap before placement

fan propellers from cardboard
make fan from cardboard

I used only 6 blades as attaching more would prevent air flow

I recommend to use 5 to 6 and not more than that Add layer of superglue for more enhanced strength

Building fan frame
Building mini fan frame

Using stripes and hot glue make a square frame which is strong enough to hold 2 toy dc motors

Make sure to have proper finishing of edges if not problems will occur when its placed on desk

Insert pencil into frame later followed by gluing dc motor with propellers

Ends of pencils are glued with circular cardboard disks with the help of which direction of fan can be changed

Added 2 batteries which connects to 2 motors separately

To make circuit simple i used battery connectors instead of switches

Making mini fan from cardboard
Making mini fan from cardboard

Finished image of mini fan made from cardboard is shown above, as said earlier this is wonderful concept for science project and with much lot improvements this can be implemented to use in real life

Video for how to make cooling fan using cardboard

Watch video tutorial which shows working of fan here

This would definitely help you in some ways, please help sharing this content to people whom you think will benefit, also recommended to check my other post related to Arduino, raspberry pi and other interesting science projects, Happy making and have a great day.



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