Easiest Spiderman web shooter how to make

Easy Web shooter using cardboard is like by many Spiderman lovers!

So here i am with new version which is made using very basic materials

Well by saying the term “RECYCLED MATERIALS” many might have come to conclusion that is this going to work?

Answer is yes! this spider man web shooters work and hence known as functional webshooters

How many spiderman movies are there as per that we have different variants of this

Well older variants can be seen HERE

NOTE: Don’t Miss to check out working video of this project which is given at END

What makes best web shooter

There are tonnes of other ways to make this but challenge here is making it functional as many factors play a very critical role in its functionality

Now the question arises on what is spider man’s web made of?

In actual movie its made from toughest material coming out of science fiction making exact same is nearly impossible

No worries! there are alternatives for this material, Hence i made use of strong thread in my project that works as web

Supplies required to make best web shooter

  • Cardboard is very best alternative
  • Fabric paint for giving life to this project, Few sheets of paper and white color thread
  • Old pen body for mechanism making
  • Rubber band and superglue

I prefer color white as it resembles actual color of web

Only these are materials can you believe? Yes you should! now as you see the building process you will get to know

We will start by making body for this web shooter

To do this i took a piece of cardboard, 25*7cm will do the job you can have extra for allowance

From the below visual you can have a look at type of cardbpard which im using

There are different type of cardboard make sure to use less thicker and strong one to get best results


Now we can make all the parts for this project using this cardboard Just download template on paper

If you don’t have printer you can trace using pencil

Template for spider man web shooter design

You can readily print this if you like drawing you can draw this spiderman web shooter drawing on paper and paste it on cardboard

For A4 size direct Printable Version check HERE

web shooter free templates

One you have hard copy of this design use paper glue and stick it on board

Allow some time to dry so that we get proper finish when we cut it out

If we don’t allow sufficient time to dry the wet glue makes it difficult for blades to cut through

Waiting time of 1 to 2 hours gives out best results

After it gets dries we can cut it out for this purpose i use pen cutter also known as art cutter

cut cardboard frame

Using this cutter gives out very fine and smooth surface with good finishing that is essential for our proiect

We will have 4 parts after everything cut

One will be wrist band other will be body and finally 2 spider pieces

Assemby of Parts

Making web shooter band

We will start by making band or wrist support of this project

To do this just paint it with fabric paint and as option you can add gold paper strip

Adding gold with black gives it appealing look this was inspiration from spiderman no way home webshooter

At the end add velco which is useful in attaching and detaching this gadget

After painting done we will begin to work with spiders

Paint one spider with gold and other with red and black

Note: You can chang the color as pre your needs

I have done as per my favourites you can use your favourite color, But these are much likely

After this we can prepare leftover part which is body

I Color it with red as it suits our theme

Mechanism of working in Spiderman web shooters

To make mechanism i made use of basic materails that is body of pen

How to make Spiderman web shooter with pen only tutorial has been post already if you want to know how please check it out old posts

For this project Mechanism is very very simple just a piece of rubberband was attach at end of pen body

Inside of this pen body tunnel our web will be charged means elastic energy of rubber band will be harness by web

To do this we are pushing web manually inside by hand and then releasing that is shwon in further steps

Make spiderman logo

To do this i made use of old black color wires which resemble legs of spider

Just add our mechanism and firm it using glue

Add wire pieces to the slots

Make this slots as per size of your wire hence it was not said at the beginning!

At the end we will be left out with complete mechanism this will be add to wrist band

I made use of super glue to stick to main frame/ holder

Now our project is complete only leftout part is web


Here we will roll sheet of paper ontop of its edge we will add thread

Other end of thread will be add to wrist band so that web can be pulled

So everything is complete onlt thing pending is to test this out

easiest spiderman web shooter how to make

How to use this web shooter

Choice of using thread lenght will be upto you according to me 200cm works best here

Just attach this to your wrist

Insert paper web into the slot now the harder you put this inside more far web flies

Release web where you want to by raisning hand in style

Now you have your web flying in air!

how to use web shooters

This was all about this easy and simple web device hope you like this idea you can check popular versions of this in my old posts

Video on How do you make a web shooter is HERE

Also check other versions of most popular PS4 web shooter and other project variants HERE



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