How to Make a Fidget Toy

How to make a Fidget Toy will be our craft topic for today! Hey fidget spinner fans this is amazing and easy tutorial on how to make pop it fidget spinner.

What is a Fidget Toy?

Fidget spinners were popular in late 2017, Demand was so high that market couldn’t fulfil people demands.

So people start to make homemade versions that fueled creative designs

Why it was so famous might be the question striking on your mind.

It is said by many that the sound and way of spinning creates some relaxing sensations in our body, also its activity for idle fingers also patterns formed are satisfactory.

What’s new in this Fidget toy

Again in recent days fidget toys trend has start to raise but this time its with something called simple dimple also called as pop it.

These versions of fidgets are most popular in Tik Tok, if you are its user you might definitely see in one or another video.

Here our version can spin and also make pop sounds, well for your understanding this sound’s similar to pop of bubble wraps.

Well who doesn’t love to poke those bubbles!

The only difference here is, bubble once after popping cant be use again but our version is reusable and sounds come from both ways.

Most unique factor here being our homemade fidget toy is completely made from paper in short everyone can make this.

If you want to know How to make a Fidget Toy firstly start design template to ease burden i will show you fidget spinner paper template.

DIY Fidget Spinner Paper Template

To make your very own paper template you need few essential supplies.

Sheet of paper recommend to use white if you are coloring later, compass, Scissor, paper glue and ruler.

For fidget spinner paper template follow these simple steps.

fidget spinner paper template
fidget spinner paper template

Use compass to draw perfect circle, do this by marking 5cm using ruler later draw them on plane sheet of paper.

Divide the circle into four parts.

We will work only on two slots (opp directions) for holes to which we will add little popper!

Leftover line will hold weights that is responsible for rotation time.

Balance of all these factors will result in good spin time of spinner, so please follow exact same steps.

After marking lines use compass to draw 1cm radius line from edges as in visual above.

Cut this paper template using scissor.

How to make a fidget toy
How to make a fidget toy

At this point blue print is ready now to turn it into reality we will make 10 layers of the same.

Making paper frame for paper fidget toy

Don’t panic! just fold sheet of paper 2 times repeat on 5 sheets use previously cut template as reference.

Now we have 10 layers, to harden this we make use of paper glue

Did you ever know that paper can be harder than cardboard or sometimes plastic if mix with glue, if not we will make that!

Glue 5 layers one above the other and keep it aside for drying, it takes nearly a day to dry completely

Repeat same on other set also, make sure to keep it on flat surface when kept for dry

After waiting period is over make pop sound, to make this i use negative reels from old camera

Just cut circular shapes cut in middle and form a cone shape, to retain this shape i use a drop of super glue

Before installing this to spinner try pushing it so that pop sound comes out

Later follow up by placing coins and pop as shown in below visual

frame making
How to make a fidget toy

Sandwich these by making use of second half piece, use glue to couple them

So here comes important step that is making holders for these so that this can spin

To make such holders i use a piece of toothpick attach to circular shape discs

Before installing this to spinner make a hole slightly larger than size of toothpick


After placing everything just give it a spin definitely it will last more than 15 seconds.

Make that little relaxing pop sound, color as per your likes the final fidget toy made from paper is shown down

fidget toys
Fidget toys

Video tutorial to make paper fidget spinner

To check working of this paper spinner and video tutorial on How to make a fidget toy check here

That concludes this tutorial, Bye 🙂

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