Mini Car from Servo

Have you ever wondered that mini car from servo can be made? if not then you are in right place to know how that can be made. Single Micro servo which is made from plastic gear is sufficient to make this mini car, and it is also an awesome science project idea which is fast and easy to make with limited resources, also on entire internet i didn’t find any cheaper version of mini electric car than this, if you found out let me know in comments so that you can prove me wrong!

What is Mini Electric Car?

In short a simple car which runs on batteries, though this project is very easy to make it has room for gaining lots of knowledge related to motion and Understanding dc motor working concept, this is a small basic version of actual electric transportation vehicles, below is the actual image of project which we are going to make

Small electric car
Small electric car

Supplies required to make electric car project

  1. Micro servo
    • I scavenged dc motor and gears for this project from my old micro servo, just unscrew 4 screws from servo and pull out all the stuffs which you get inside
  2. Popsicle Sticks
    • Popsicle or any other light wood like balsa can be use to make body of our mini electric car
  3. Super glue
  4. Steel spokes here we call as shafts taken out from old umbrella
  5. Piece of plastic from straw or empty pen refill and Small on/off switch
  6. Coin battery or any other rechargeable battery for powering DC Motor
mini car from servo making
Requirements for Small electric car making

PS: Above images are for people who don’t know how does a micro servo looks like! here in this project i use coin battery alternatively you can choose to use small rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, Gathering all the materials and later starting to make project saves lot’s of time.

Steps to make car for science project

frame for mini car from servo
mini electric car building

Cut popsicle stick into 2 pieces, this will later be use to make body of our mini electric car

Additionally cut 2 more pieces whose length is slightly smaller than the original ones, this will be use as support pieces

Using super glue stick larger pieces side by side as shown in above visuals

To support those larger pieces use previously cut slightly smaller pieces at bottom, stick them as in image 2

Now we have a sturdy body for our car

To support wheel shaft we need holder, i used recycled straw piece as shaft holder alternatively empty pen refills can be used

Using super glue stick those supports to body of car

For wheel shaft i use metal spokes recycled from umbrella Attach wheels on either end of shaft

Once the wheel base is ready we can attach main part of this car i.e mini motor which was scavenged from micro servo

Finishing mini electric car

Finishing mini car from servo project
Finishing mini electric car project

we are making this car as rear wheel drive, hence rear wheel shaft needs to be in connection with mini motor for this to happen we connected one extra gear wheel to wheel shaft

Driving gear should link with mini dc motor gear

Using super glue attach mini dc motor to car body Allow some time to dry completely

Once the glue is dry we should connect small switch to power on and off our car as per requirements

I use super glue to stick switch to frame of car

Now basic connection is made between mini dc motor, switch and battery

Type of battery which i will be using is non rechargeable. i recommend to use rechargeable batteries for this project

I use sticky tape to make connect wire with batteries

Once this is ready switch on and check if everything is working fine. if you followed same steps and materials definitely everything will work fine

Now our mini electric car is ready to use, If you are making this as science project i will give you few additional information for this project

Features of mini electric car

Costs less than a dollar to make and Has very good speed

Building time is very much less

Made from basic materials and Pollution free project

Advantage of mini electric car

Does not cause harm to environment especially no green house gases are released

Basic concept behind working of electric cars is understood

Fits in pocket and weighs only few grams

No complex mechanisms are involved

Disadvantages of mini electric car

No control of speed also No wireless control

Hope you enjoyed every bit of information which was provided in this article, if you are planning to make this project that is an amazing thing! If you have any suggestion for improvements or if you made cheaper version than this let me know in comments, also make sure to check out my older posts regarding science projects and arduino projects. Thank you have a great day.



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