Make 12v Battery Pack

Hey people want to make 12v battery pack at home and wondering where to start? then this article is for you! this is an awesome science project idea which shows from recycled batteries fully functional and less expensive 12v rechargeable battery can be made.

Where 12v Batteries are used?

The use of 12v battery is done almost everywhere, being specific in portable 12v electric drills, Electric bicycles, Radio controlled toys, Motor Bikes, 12v DC Motors and much more

Where Homemade 12v Battery pack can be used

i have made trail runs on my 775 DC Motor and also in starting my good old motorcycle and this works just fine purpose of making this battery pack was to power my electronic projects which needs 12v

So let’s start with

Materials Required to make battery pack

make 12v battery pack
Make 12v battery pack
  1. PVC pipe tube i use 75mm and 8cm long tube
  2. Sheet of paper
  3. 18650 batteries i recycled from my old laptops
  4. Pen to mark
  5. Mdf wood or any heat insulate material for shaping tube
  6. Time!

Here at first to make outer casing we need to reshape the pvc tube, Reshaping is very easy job!

Mark the circumference of circle on a sheet of paper now add four equal edges on its sides as shown in image, Once the length of sides are clear mark same measurements on MDF wood. This will be shaper tool for making square case.

I used some heat from my stove recommended to use hot air gun, pvc melts at low heat

Just expose one side of pvc for few seconds, use shaper tool to give it square shape, Perform same steps for other three sides also

Once this is complete u will get a square shape outer case, please refer images above for any clarifications

Circuit Diagram for making 12v rechargeable battery

12v battery pack circuit
12v rechargeable battery pack circuit

Making pack from 18650 batteries

I used 6 batteries which i recycled from my lap battery, Good thing being these batteries are rechargeable

Each battery has 3.7v and 2200Mah capacity, Here pack consist of 3 batteries

Refer circuit image of battery connections as shown above. Care must be taken while soldering as miss connections can cause some issues

Note: Check individual battery if it works before making battery pack, Later it will be a real burden to remove and resolder

I used zip ties to keep everything in place, zip ties are better than gum tape to avoid those sticky mess later!

Soldering takes some time as we have ends of 12 batteries

Once soldering is complete, check output terminals if they are giving u above 11v if its not recheck the circuit

When the circuit is working fine its the right time to encase everything in the casing which we have made earlier

Steps for finishing 12v rechargeable battery pack!

make 12v battery pack
Make 12v battery pack finishing steps

From my calculations everything should fit in properly, if your pipe measurements are small these packs won’t fit, hence make sure pipe is above 75mm not less

Carefully insert rechargeable battery pack into casing

Recommended to insulate the ends of wire while working, because touching ends of other terminals may create short circuit

Once pack was insert inside casing we need to make outlet terminals

To make outlet terminals i used 2 screws PVC piece of square shape was cut, hole was made

Color terminals are mark for easy identification

Red color is positive and Blue color is negative as we all know those symbol meanings

Once screw attaches to panel, solder battery pack terminals, To insulate these terminals i used hot glue

Additionally i used folded paper for extra protection which is very helpful

This is done in order to prevent any shorts which might occur if terminals come in contact with each other

Once top of casing is in place Seal it using super glue or pvc glue but Ensure sealing is done from all four sides so no extra particles can enter the pack

Testing rechargeable 12v battery pack

To test the output voltage i use multimeter it showed me 11.7v as output voltage which is very good output from this pack

To check it i tried running 775 dc motor which everyone might be knowing it’s a 12v consuming motor, and this motor just works fine!

Features of homemade 12v battery pack

Made from recycled materials hence the cost involved is very much less and Small in size with Very good backup capacity

Rechargeable and can be in use to start bikes

Various electronic projects like drills, small motors and other can be in power, hence making it portable

That was all about this post which taught how to make 12v battery pack at home, hope you love this idea, also i recommend you to check my older post which relates to making science and arduino projects, Have a great Day! Thank you.



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