How to Make Tesla coil

When it comes to selecting topics for science fair project ideas its a big pain but good topic like How to make tesla coil might solve your problem!

Note: If you want video tutorial i have provide that too at bottom of this page make sure to have a look at the end

Why To Make Tesla coil

Fun and interesting project which can be built as hobby project or class project, New question arises which may lead to origin of new ideas

Enhances lots of learning related to electronic and its properties

This tutorial is about How to make mini coil for science project that contains all the circuit diagram and necessary explanation to build one

Easy steps with pictures makes it easier for beginner to understand

Supplies Required

Tesla coil project materials
Tesla coil project materials

PVC Tube of 15cm will be main part of this project well if you don’t have plastic tube, Cardboard tube also works fine

2N 2222A transistor that is responsible for amplification in this project

Insulated copper wire to make coil windings with Some pieces of gum tape

Base of cardboard or plastic to settle all components and Few wires and 9v battery

Circuit Diagram for Tesla coil

After gathering all the materials follow up this circuit diagram if you have trouble understanding this i have made it more simpler by giving explanation below

tesla coil circuit diagram
Tesla coil circuit diagram

Circuit Diagram explanation

  • Coils one and two represent end of windings from tube (winded to PVC tube)
  • For your convenience i have given names as A and B to ends of small tube
  • 2N 2222A transistor has Emitter, Base and Collector like any other transistor
  • 22k resistor for positive terminal connection in battery and Negative of battery to emitter part of transistor
  • Connect A of coil to collector, Solder 2 and B of coil end to collector

Building frame

Finishing tesla coil
Finishing tesla coil

Start by closely winding copper wire across tube This may take while to finish

After winding insulated coil with enameled copper wire remove coating from ends

Either heat with matches or scratch with ruler to get rid off enamel Make smaller size coil as shown

Place both coils on piece of board make sure long tube is outside smaller tube After this follow circuit diagram and make connections

Solder required points and cover with hot glue or insulated tape if necessary

For charges displacement i use aluminum foil ball

Fold normal aluminum kitchen foil into shape of ball and Place it on top of pvc tube (long part)

Here end 1 i.e. top end of pvc tube should be connected to this foil ball

Connect power source , here battery rated 9v was used For safety i use resistor

Adding switch is recommend if this project is taking bto school for exhibition purpose well its an option

Connect battery and check project by getting cfl or tube light closer to this

If bulb starts to glow which indicates your project fine if all the steps were performed same it will definitely wok

Complete video tutorial

Click here to watch working of this awesome project

That was your step wise instruction to make this tesla coil, Hope you enjoyed it show your support for this project by sharing this project with globe, also do check other projects in this site, Thanks for your time



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