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Hi, Among us game went sky-high popular for certain number of days , Trend became so high that many toys were made using same game concept, also who doesn’t Among us fidget spinner!

Today I will be showing you 2 amazing among us toys made using cardboard and paper, Both are very simple to make and cost no money as all the materials can be found at home

At Glance

1 How to make Popping among us toy from cardboard

2 How to make among us fidget spinner using paper

How to Make Among us popup toy from cardboard

This can be one of best ever cardboard toy u can make without getting bored, Here when u pull the string, half part of among us character flies in the air! It’s a table top toy which you can play if you are bored!

Video link for among us fidget spinner toys

As always I have provided video link at bottom of this post, scroll down to bottom if u want to view video

Where as Fidget spinners were one of trending toys in 2017, if u check Google trends data u can get idea how popular fidget spinners were , Here we are making actual working paper fidget spinner but it’s among us version

Let’s start by gathering materials required to make first project

Among us
Among us materials

Cardboard piece, Paper and Paper glue

Scissors, Color pens and Pen/pencil for drawing

Steps for building our amazing project

Draw characters on a piece of Paper, those who play much doesn’t need any reference image! Once you made a good piece of art, trace it same on a cardboard piece

Cut out outline shape using scissors Using paper glue stick paper to cardboard

Here cardboard is used only as support since paper is weak. Once everything is Dry, Color your characters as per your own color choice

You should end up with favorite characters at this point

Mechanism Making

To make mechanism which is most fun part please follow below steps, refer images for any clarifications

among us from cardboard
Among us from cardboard

Cut the character into 2 pieces later Draw and cut pieces of bones on a piece of cardboard then Stick these bones into back side of characters where its backbones are supposed to be

To make popping mechanism I have used 2 paper strips of 1.5cm and 2cm. Roll 2cm strip in such a way that 1.5cm paper roll can slide inside  smoothly

Add side supports if necessary to hold rubber band on outer roll, I just super glued tiny piece of rubber band as in image

Mechanism works similar to my web shooter mechanism, this is just a mini version of those

You can refer my older post for very much clear idea about these mechanism if you have any difficulty in understanding here

Using super glue attach rubber band, Here when something is inserted inside this paper roll rubber band starts to store energy

When we stop applying force and leave that object it pops out, to stop this stopper is used, This can be stored with the help of small stick attached with thread(stopper)

Finally make base part from square piece of cardboard and superglue base part of character on the same

among us toys
Among us toy

How to make stopper

Roll a small piece of paper then use superglue to make it hard

Once it becomes dry Tie with small piece of thread (multilayer pre folding is recommended)

How it works?

Pull the down part of trig mechanism and Lock it using piece of paper attached to string

Upper part/half part of character is glued with small piece of toothpick so that it gets inserted inside paper roll

Place upper part of character on lower part, When u pull the thread character pops up into the air later The process is repeated same for reloading

Enjoy your new toy!

Now it’s time for most awaited project, I will begin with materials required to make this among us fidget spinner

fidget spinner among us toys
Fidget spinner among us toys

Material list might be blessing for few as only paper is used

Single A4 sheet can give u one fidget spinner hence Paper and superglue, Coins or any other material for weight and Ruler/Scale for initial measurements. Color pens as per your choice

Steps for making among us paper fidget spinner

Take measurement of your hand where you will be spinning spinner, I took 9cm, on average 7cm would work fine for everyone

Cut 2cm*9cm paper strips More the strips more the strength of spinner

Use paper glue to stick layers of paper one after the other It will consume some time, have patience so the work will be clean

I used  9 layers of paper Meanwhile make holder few which I used same coin size

Repeat same steps i.e cut and glue layer by layer, here I used 10 layers with 5 layer each side Drying completely will take half day

Once it’s dry u will have one hard layer of paper which will be mainframe of spinner

Further steps after Drying

  1. Mark center point and Attach weights on either sides( I used coins)
  2. Draw your favorite characters on body of spinner and holder
  3. To make holder shaft I used toothpick, Make hole with size slightly larger than size of fidget spinner hole body
  4. One part of holder is attached to toothpick using super glue
  5. Insert it throughout body
  6. Cut extra piece and Glue second part of holder to toothpick
  7. Make few trial run by spinning the spinner. At first the spinner wont last for much time
  8. Repeat spinning multiple times so that holes becomes smooth and friction causing parts smooth’s itself
  9. My paper fidget spinner spins nearly 10 seconds
  10. If you followed my calculations u will get same time too

Paper Fidget spinner making video

Watch here for among us fidget spinner tutorial

So I would like to thank all my readers for showing your time and interest in reading this article, I hope you liked this idea

If you made any or either both of projects let me know in comments, I got 10 seconds spin time what about yours? Let me know in comments, Thank you have a good day



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