How To Make Electric String winder (Firki) for Kite Festival

Today we will be looking on How to make Electric String winder For Kite Festival or flying which is very helpful tool using dc motor.

Who Doesn’t love flying Kites? But the sad part of kite flyers is once their kite reaches sky limit all the thread will be in air! And once you enjoy flying kite all these should be rolled back again.

Later everything needs to be withdrawn this word might put few to worry a little,  Iam talking about length of thread which was let free in air, since it’s a hectic task to wind all the thread manually by hand to simplify complexities this Firki aka string winder was made.

Today here I will be showing you this awesome idea about make electric string winder which also can be considered as craft idea from DC Motor, which you can try at home and I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with this gadget to the core, So without wasting time let’s Start making Electric string winder.

How Does Electric string winder works?

Definitely it’s a burdern for kite flyers to wind(winding) all the thread manually

This job is simplified with Firki or charkhi or string winder

It is basically a tube rolling with some low torque which collects thread/strings

Spinning speed depends on type of DC Motor used

Motor which I use has good torque popularly known as 775 motor

Power will be supplied from rechargeable batteries, Controlled by simple on/off switch

Can Wind and unwind very long length thread in matter of minutes

Requirements to make string winding machine

electric string winder materials
Electric string winder materials

DC Motor iam using 775 Motor also called as Drill motor

Lengthy steel shaft recycled from Old radio Antenna

Cardboard tube of required Diameter

Sand Paper for enhancing grip on Cardboard tube For Understanding throughout I will be calling it as roller

MDF Wood or Plexi glass for bottom supports, Super glue and Hot glue

Few extra pieces of Cardboard for filling gaps if any!

Building steps for making electric Firki

Electric firki tutorial
Electric firki tutorial

Roller For Making Electric String winder

Roller will be main part which collects thread from kite which will be flying in sky, the power(toque) from motor will be directly delivered to roller hence there is no any torque loss which might occur in case of gear usage.

To make roller cardboard tube is covered with sand paper, I used fine grain sandpaper

Using paper glue spill glue on all the sides of cardboard tube, Stick sand paper on glued sides, Wait until dry

Once dry mark and cut 2 cardboard circles slightly larger than size of Roller

Make hole on either sides of cardboard roller, Insert steel shaft, Using hot glue bond the objects

electric firki diy
Electric firki diy

Making Supports

To make support I use MDF Wood

Since one end of steel shaft will go to DC Motor shaft while other is free it needs support

You can see that I used old emergency lamp body parts, Free end of steel shaft will rest here

On the other hand to support weight of motor I used cut pieces of MDF Wood, Coupled using Hot glue, Use super glue wherever necessary

Circuit Connections

I used simple switch circuit to power on and power off this string winder, Recycled battery from old laptop battery to power motor

2 batteries connection in series so that 7.v output is obtained, Make a Simple switch circuit to power these project

How to make simple switch circuit for Electric string winding machine

Suppose you have a simple on off switch, battery and motor

One end of motor goes to battery, Other end of motor is connected to one terminal of switch

From other terminal of switch extend wire to other side of battery

Make sure your switch is off before making any connections, Now Switch on Meanwhile your motor starts to work

Hurray that was tutorial for those who didn’t knew about making circuit

Note: You can’t use Gear motors for making this since we want rotations in both the directions

If u wind enormously large amount of thread here it will be directly used in flying kite

When the roller is not provided with any power if spins in direction of force

This is what we need

But Gear motor shafts are difficult to spin manually, Hence I chose/ you should consider using 775 motor

More the self weight of roller more smooth our project works

Once all the Criteria along with Circuit is made, testing out string winder will be leftover task which is exciting part , Let’s do that!

How to use Electric String Winder machine

Pre roll required amount of thread into roller I prefer to make it full!, Once roller is full

Tie end of thread to your kite Now enjoy flying kite remember that sky is limit!

It’s a fact that one cant use entire length of wire completely as no kite can go outer atmosphere!

Once you feel satisfied with height your kite has gone into It’s time to test our project, Switch on the button Motors starts spinning the roller

Your kite will be pulled from sky in matter of minutes With all the thread arranged in neat manner

That was all about tutorial on how to make electric string winder

Video Link

Click here to watch How to make electric string winder machine

Let me explain sole purpose of making this project, there is a festival in india where they arrange kite flying completion I have seen many using manually cranked string winders, and you can imagine how time consuming the task might be to pull very lengthy string from sky

I made small alteration to project which was making it automatic using DC Motor, Selection of Dc motor was not easy as many factors account here which I have mentioned earlier above

I hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know in comments if you have any queries. Also Loving to hear back from you about how did this project work for you, Have a good day, Share this idea wqith your needy friends, Happy Making



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