How To Make Laser Light Show Projector

Hello creative people, you are at right place if you want to know how to make laser light show projector at home, this is ideal project for science fair and best ideas for hobby electronic projects

As this is one of the innovative project which you can make with limited resources at home

laser light projector
show lights laser light projector

As you can see from image above our version of show lights laser light projector is wirelessly controlled by remote.

Even though our laser light show projector is non programmable lots of light patterns can be generated by varying speeds of DC Motor, as we have access to individual speed and direction control of these motors

How show projector using Laser light works?

Here I’m talking about our homemade light show projector which uses toy laser light, here the formation of various light pattern can be generated with the press of button which is controlled wirelessly by small remote.

Here 2 small dc motor with mirrors attached to it’s shaft in rotation at 2 different speeds as a result light reflected from one mirror produce some pattern which when falls on second mirror produces much more patterns which can be projected to a wall, as the speed increases along with spin direction of either motors so will be types of patterns formed on wall.

Supplies Required to make best laser light show projector

laser light show projector
Making laser light show projector

DC motors, i prefer DVD Motors because of its less power consumption and descent RPM

2 round shaped mirrors and Recycled electronics from old RC Car particularly Transmitter(remote) and receiver board

Toy laser light of own color choice, i use red as its more highlighting

Thin plastic gear wheels for Motor shaft attachment can be replaceable by wheels

Cardboard base alternatively wood used, Pieces of cardboard and Hot glue

Rechargeable battery or any other USB Power supply

Gathering supplies and later starting work makes process much faster as materials are available handy and saves time that involves in searching, hence it’s a good idea to start from these steps!

Steps for light show projectors making

show lights laser light projector
making show lights laser light projector

Attach plastic gears to Motor shaft

Use hot or superglue attach mirrors to plastic gears make sure it’s couple properly as this part will be spinning

Cut pieces of cardboard and hot glue them on cardboard base, done to elevate motors from ground

Once the placement of motor is larger than mirror diameter do same for other motor also

For your convenience name motors as one and two Now attach electronics i.e receiver board from old rc car

Circuit for projector lights

The circuit will have terminals with names MF,MB which means Move forward and move backward this are connect to first DC Motor

While MR and ML means, move right and move left that are connect to second motor terminal

After circuit connection test if everything works fine

Once confirmed attach rubber band or any form of clip to continuously keep laser light on

Attach laser light in such a way that light strikes first mirror and then same gets reflect on second mirror

Hot glue laser light device using pieces of cardboard and hot glue as per required height and adjustments

Connect batteries to transmitter and receiver do a trial run at very low speeds , Watch out for patterns formed on wall

Prefer to conduct this on dark room so that light are clearly visible

When the speed of motors are increase awesome patters formations are visible

To vary the pattern press remote buttons up, down right and left also the direction of motors leads to patterns change

Congratulations on creating your very own projector, this was very simple idea which can be hobby project for weekend or upcoming science fair.

Area of focus here is cost involvement in this project, Cost of such projectors available in market are very high

Video link for this project

Watch video Here on how to make laser light show projector at home for science fair or hobby projects

Also if you are looking for best science projects or projects related to Arduino kindly visit my other posts.

Features of homemade laser light show projector

Made with less power consuming parts Almost many of parts are of recycle from old electronics

Using toy laser light ensures there is no much risk factors as the same might happens in commercial laser light

Can enhance learning various parameters related to light especially reflection and dc motor operating principles

I hope all the steps were clear and there is no room for any confusions, if i missed any parts which u might think is important let me know in comments i will definitely help you out with your concerned problems, suggestion for improvements are welcome.

Requesting you to share this useful information to the globe as it is free of cost, Thank you and have a good day!



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