How To Make Dual Shaft DC Motor

DUAL SHAFT DC MOTOR by name itself states it has dual shaft also called DOUBLE SHAFT DC MOTOR, Many might have used many sort of DC motor in their projects but didn’t come across these types

Well Don’t worry you can easily make dual shaft dc motor at home with some of simple materials, here i will be showing you two ways in which you can modify your single shaft DC MOTOR into DOUBLE SHAFT save this as it can be your next science fair project ideas.

Tools required

  1. DVD Motor which is to be modified and Plier to remove frame supports of dc motor
  2. Steel shaft and Super glue

Steps to make dual shaft dc motor

Dual shaft dc motor making
Making double shaft dc motor

Remove supports which is provided at back of DVD motor, i use wire cutter tool tip to remove these attachments

Once these supports gets loose Pull out rotor , Please refer images above if something is not clear

Making single shaft to Dual shaft

Double shaft motor
Making double shaft motor

This is main part in this project start by Remove existing shaft

To remove existing shaft u need hard base support as we are going to hammer it down by keep rotor upside down

If u hammer rotor from front coil connections will break hence take care while doing this part

I slowly hammered and to be frank this is hardest part, it took me nearly an hour to get this shaft out from rotor

Once shaft pulled out from rotor you can replace same with long shaft which makes dual shaft

since the base support doesn’t have any holes u need to make one by yourself, Either drill it or hit slowly using star shaped screw driver

Once hole is complete Attach rotor to motor body

Use superglue to attach base part of motor as that’s difficult to reattach metallic supports which was removed earlier

Finally our DVD motor got modify from single shaft to double shaft now using same concept we can modify toy dc motor .

Toy DC Motor is familiar to almost everyone as in one or the other way u had hands on experience by playing or scavenging from small remote control toys!

Modifying TOY DC MOTOR to Dual shaft DC MOTOR

Well here majority of steps are same as above mentioned Only change here is no need to make any extra hole on back part of motor

Dual shaft toy dc motor
Dual shaft toy dc motor

Steps to make Dual Shaft DC MOTOR from Toy DC MOTOR

Remove supports which hold base of motor with body, Pull out rotor and Keep it on small vice

If you don’t have vice old dc motor can be tilted upside down and this can be inserted then Slowly hammer the shaft,

Please note that this should be done from back part of rotor shaft

Slowly hammer multiple times until shaft starts to loosen and slides, Using plier shaft is removed after that replace it with long steel shaft

If u don’t have one it can also be recycled from old umbrella or cycle wheel spokes

If you don’t have access to those you can make shaft by yourself

How To Make Shaft using Paper

Yes! you heard it right shaft for motor can be made from paper too! Choose type of color paper or simple white sheet will do the job

6cm*1cm piece did the job for me Roll the paper to smallest diameter which is possible

At first use thin layer of paper glue, allow it to dry completely After dry harden with super glue

You can do this by hold the shaft with plier an slowly coat paper with super glue

Keep plier for dry Once it is dry shaft is ready for use later Insert shaft to slots of rotor

Use tiny amount of superglue to hold both in place and Close the frame, Test it out by providing battery power supply

Definitely it will and it should work!

Well i guess you learned how to make dual shaft dc motor, one best advantage from this project is principle of working is easily understood if u never knew how those things worked, Additionally

Advantages of Dual Shaft DC Motor

For example if you make solar car project with single shaft motor you might need gears and various shaft holders

But if you use dual shaft motor all headache gets sorted out!

Note: The power consumption also plays important role here

Though weight of shaft increases to some extent in other way power consumed will be slightly larger than previous but its completely fine instead of using two motor in place of one

Reduces wiring cost as two motor usage needs extra wire, extra switches which increases cost of projects


Only one drawback of this project is if you are beginner chances of removing shaft from rotor in first attempt is slightly less

But don’t worry this article was in focus of eliminating such issues!

Longer the shaft more will be the vibration during working, hence i recommend not to make shafts longer than 6cm

Video that shows working of dual shaft

For video tutorial on how to make dual shaft dc motor check Here

Applications of Double Shaft Motor

Main application is in making solar cars and other small toys for fun and educational purpose

Hope this article was useful. like always if you have any questions comments box will always there to connect us

Thanks and have a wonderful day, Please help to share this useful info to globe!



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