Spiderman web shooters real DIY

Fandom people must know many ways of Spiderman web shooters real DIY, But have you ever though this can be done with popsicle sticks ? well if no we will do it today.

What’s special with our Spider-Man Web shooter?

There are already many Unique designs of web shooters made, For example if you just google search Spiderman web shooters you can see results popping up.

Results such as how to make spider web shooters using matchbox, how to make web shooters using cardboard and this list goes on

To mention further it varies from paper, pen and many other household materials

But most interestingly i have seen many less results with this shooters made from popsicle sticks.

Not to get confuse many call it as candy sticks or ice cream sticks

More on 3D printed Spiderman gadgets later!

This led to origin of this project idea although these sticks come in very cheap price it provides with good strength for this project

So using this was definitely a very good idea!

Things for web shooter making

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Super glue and paper glue
  • Pencil and pen for markings
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint or fabric paint for coloring
  • Thread for making web
  • Sand paper for finishing edges

Building steps

Firstly we will make frames for this, To do this start by arranging popsicle sticks one above the other in sideways as shown in below visual

Any confusion in any steps of making Spiderman web shooters real DIY project video tutorial is given at end

After arranging fix edges using super glue

Normal paper glue wont do the job as it takes very long time to dry and strength of those will be very less

If you are working with super glue for first time take guidance from adult as it sticks it contact surfaces too quickly

Template to make easy web shooter

template for how to make Spiderman web shooter

This is design made for this project you can make on your own too, i was able to get this deign successful after many trial and errors

I recommend to use this as this design woks perfectly fine

Cut this template and paste it on popsicle stick frame that was made earlier

Marks were made using ball pen so that lines do not erase while being cut

You can cut excess material with the help of scissors or hex cutters, i was able to cut them easily using my paper scissors

For smooth finish of edges after cutting rub it off using sandpaper, this is necessary only if you use hex cutters from scissors you get smooth finish by default

After all such process are complete you will be left out with these, looks amazing right

Main mechanism in Spiderman web shooters

Anybody doesn’t know what kind of material real Spiderman uses!! but in our case we will be using spring that force the web towards sky to do this we need to make some basic adjustments

I have got this spring from my old tick pen you can find them in mechanical pencils also

Cut small square piece of popsicle stick and stick spring on it, using super glue to do this gives out best results

After this is done we can install it on our main frame

To properly support this cover its sides from popsicle sticks as in below visual

Here many might be thinking is the frames made from popsicle sticks are strong?

Yes definitely they are strong and with combination of superglue they are too strong unable to break

Add this spring in between the spaces for double strength i made use of additional small piece at ends

Covering everything up

Stick second layer on top of this and fisish edges from popsicle sticks

Tip: To make candy sticks aka popsicle sticks flexible dip them in glass of water for 5 minutes and take them out keep it for dry

After 30mins this will be flexible and you can give them any shape you want

Just five shape and tie it with rubber band or thread and keep it for dry, you get shape after its dry completely

After all the sides are covered up use spray paint to give it a proper finish

If you don’t have spray paint can you can do this job with fabric paint too

Complete look changes after doing paint job

After completion of this we can add web releasing mechanism to this frame

To do this bend stick to below showm shape

Attach this to end part using double side tape

I prefer double side tape as they don’t wear easily after repeating movements of up and down cycles

Holder or bracelet

To make holder or bracelet you can use strip of double times fold paper

Cardboard also makes good holder for this but wear out after some time and little messier to work

Paper were fold and attach to mid part of frame using super glue

For end holders Velcro or neodymium magnets works better here i use magnets as they are easy to attach and detach

Web making

To make web i rolled strip of paper and to the end i add string which was short

You can add lengthy string also if you want to hook this up to some objects and pull it off towards you

I just need web shooting effect hence i use 20cm string which was left to fly free in air

How to use Spiderman web shooter

Wear this on your wrist and lock it with magnets / Velcro

Insert web into shooter and lock it with popsicle release mechanism switch

Just give a slight downward pull and watch your web flyingin sky

For continuous web out make multiple webs!

That was all about this Functional Spiderman web shooting device i guess many found this helpful

If you are planning to make this and need any kind of assistance from my end let me know you can reach out to me in comments box

I will be working on 3D Printed versions of Spiderman web shooters real DIY and post its status on future days

Video tutorial for Spiderman web shooters real DIY

Check this VIDEO which shows working of this project

You are missing great things if you still didn’t check out other version of this



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