Make Arduino Sunflower Robot with live Sun Motion Tracking

Hi Readers in this project I will show you how you can Make Arduino Sunflower Robot that tracks the sunlight live.

This is a useful arduino project that you can make to harness the power of the sun at its maximum.

If you are looking for a mini engineering project with arduino this is the best option.

To begin with, let me explain about this project in a simple way.

What is Arduino Sunflower project

You might know that the sunflower we have in nature always keeps its face towards the sunlight.

I wanted to create something similar but with the use of arduino, I went through some electronic components and found that LDR serves best for my purpose.

LDR or in other words light dependent resistor is similar to an LED, Light emitting diode emits light whereas LDR receives light.

The light falling on LDR generates a signal that is sent to arduino and the codes help to run the micro servo.

I have made use of 2 LDR and each covers the 90degree and all the 3 servo works taking account of LDR module light exposure.

To begin with, I will list all the components to build this

Materials to make Arduino Sunflower project

I have listed the exact same materials I used on this project so you can complete your project faster without any hassle

  • Arduino Uno on Amazon
  • LDR x 2 link
  • Micro servos x 3 from Here
  • Small breadboard AND jumper wires Here
  • Color paper of your choice
  • Hot Glue
  • Arduino IDE and programming cable
  • Strips of cardboard

Note that with affiliate links I may earn a very small commission at no extra cost to you and this will help to support my projects

Arduino Sun Tracker project code

You can directly paste this Sunlight tracking Arduino Code on your IDE and upload it to Uno

Arduino Sunflower Circuit Diagram

circuit diagram to Make Arduino Sunflower Robot



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