3D Printed Solar Car

Hey readers, looking for an idea for upcoming science fair project? 3D Printed solar car might be ideal project for you alternatively you can use this project idea for Solar car racing also.

All the materials required to build this is given below, this project is open for suggestions to any improvements and possible ways to improve efficiency.

Note: Amazing working video of this car is given at end of this post, Don’t forget to check it out

Picture of 3D Printed solar car

Few might be wondering how does 3D printed solar car look like, well below is the answer for those wonderers.

3D Printed solar car
Solar powered car working model

Concept of design for 3d printed solar car

All the parts for this project were designed and printed using 3d printer, i used pla material for making this solar car, advantage from this material is it is biodegradable.

Hence no pollution to environment! solar car might be future of transportation as sun is the ultimate source of energy.

Additionally this car can be a race car under micro models, making this project enhances ideas related to clean energy.

Materials required to make solar car

Make 3d printed solar car
Make 3d printed solar car

3D Printer and Filament color of your choice

DC Motor i used DVD Motor because of it’s size and speed

Solar panel (5v 150ma), Steel shaft, Super glue and Switch is optional

3D Printer alternative if you don’t have printer you can make those frames using cardboard

Assembly steps

Steps for solar car making
Steps for solar car making

It took me around 4 hours to print all the parts

Firstly insert steel shaft to wheels here Shaft size is little smaller than wheels hence i use coupler to decrease diameter

Super glued to wheels

DVD Motor shaft is connect to wheels later DVD Motor is attach to front part of car frame as shown in image

I used on off switch between solar panel and dc motor then Switch was connect to base part of solar car body frame

To elevate solar panel to some extent i used extra piece of 3d printed coupler and glued using hot glue

Make connections as required, That was all about making 3d printed solar car

If you have very smooth surface this wheels starts to spin at same place to avoid this problem use rubber band

How to use mini solar powered car

  1. Switch on the power supply switch
  2. Take your car outdoors
  3. preferred direction is panel facing towards sun Just make sure wheels starts to spin when exposed to sunlight
  4. Leave it on ground and watch your hard work paying off!

Video tutorial for solar car

watch full video of this solar car and working Here

Hope now you have amazing and easy science fair project idea and everything was clear, if you have any queries regarding to this project let me know, also don’t forget to check out my other posts related to Arduino projects and science projects all the projects are attached with video tutorial also, Thank you have a good day



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