Make Raspberry Pi Car

Make Raspberry Pi Car for your upcoming mini engineering projects or science fair projects which can live stream video All detailed steps to make this project are included in this article

As a bonus for readers video is provided at the end, to check working of this wireless car make sure to check out video!

Best raspberry pi projects
Best raspberry pi projects

What is raspberry pi car?

Beginner who are new into this raspberry game might be wondering what and how it works, well Raspberry is nothing but mini computer used for computing

Here we are using combination of modules to live stream a video using Pi Camera, where as built-in wireless communication helps in wireless control of car.

Supplies for making Car project

pi project materials
raspberry pi project materials
  1. Raspberry pi 3 i use B model and Adeept motor hat
  2. Micro SD card for software installation
  3. Raspberry pi camera
  4. Acrylic car frame and BO Motors also called dual shaft dc gear motor
  5. Battery holder
  6. Front wheel bearing with some Zip ties and couple of screws

Building frame for Car

Start by soldering wires to BO motor terminals then Tie motors to acrylic sheet frame using zip ties

Front wheels are firmed to frame using screws Finally add wheels to shaft of Dual shaft dc gear motor

Once wheels are connected our frame can stand on its own!

pi car project
pi camera car project

Mounting electronic components

Upload software to sd card

For instructions on how to upload the software Click here , Once upload gets complete, insert card to raspberry pi

Pi is ready to rock! now install this hardware to frame of car, Using space provided in raspberry pi 3 for screw attachment fix to acrylic frame

Insert pi camera to pi via motor hat

Note: Refer images for any clarifications later Keep pi camera in place via copper mountings

Connect Adeept motor hat on top of raspberry pi, Make sure all pins are in correct alignment with board

Connect battery holder terminals and dc motor terminals to motor hat now Add battery to holder , i use rechargeable lithium ion batteries for powering this project

Switch on the device ,Connect network to your computer then Add ip address at this point you can live stream video

Pi camera car making
Pi camera car making

Video Tutorial Link to Make raspberry pi car

check This video working of raspberry pi car which can stream live video in your computer

Features of Raspberry pi Camera Car

Easy to make innovative project which Provides live video stream option

Can be easily control using computer and all parts are easily available

Long backup time as we are using lithium ion batteries that Can reach difficult areas

Might get first place if presented in science fair or mini projects for engineering !

Hope you will make raspberry pi car for your upcoming projects, if you have a any query regarding this project there is comments box to help either of us

If you have any suggestions for improving this project let me know, You are missing lots of useful information related to building awesome projects if you didn’t check out Arduino projects and science projects section on this site, Thanks



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