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Functional Spiderman Web Shooter

Functional Spiderman web shooter

Hey readers want to know How to make a Functional Spiderman web shooter out of paper? this is an amazing craft idea to try since all materials can be found at home

Functional Spiderman web shooter
Functional Spiderman web shooter with lights

If you check my older posts i have made few functional Spiderman web shooters that shoots web but those were made from materials which are hard to find and also much electronics were involved here only led and battery come into picture which can be found in every hobby person’s cupboard!

Features of this Amazing Spider-man web shooter

  • Made from paper which is very easy to find and won’t involve any costs
  • Uses LED lights which gives sci-fi look to this web shooter
  • Lithium ion battery was use with the intention of making this to run on long playful hours
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Since frame is made from gluing multiple layers of paper body will be very tough
  • Can be built in very less time and at very dirt cheap cost

Supplies required for Functional Spiderman Web Shooter

Spiderman web shooter toy making
Spiderman web shooter toy making
  • As stated earlier paper plays important role
  • Body and main web shooter part made from paper
  • 2 LED of your favorite color i prefer to use blue or red
  • Lithium ion battery recycled from old laptop
  • Glue specially made for coupling papers
  • Ruler and pencil for measurements
  • Rubber bands and superglue
  • Tube from old pen
  • For extra touch i used matte black paint and aluminum foil
  • small piece of thread for enabling push function
  • After above said materials are gather in a place start by making measurements on sheet of paper
  • Measurements provided in visuals above
  • These measurements worked for me well you can even modify but make sure you only enlarge not compress to small size
  • Less the size you cant fit in battery

Further steps to make Functional Spiderman Web Shooter

web shooter toy making
web shooter toy making
  • After measurements are complete cut using scissors this will be template
  • Fold paper so that multiple layers are forming (more than 6 layers works better) Keep this template later cut those layers
  • Glue one layer over other make sure not to use too much glue
  • After all the layers are stack one above other keep it separate for drying
  • Meanwhile work on making LED connection and main mechanism
  • For tube i used cut frame pieces of pen
  • Insert LED to these tubes
  • Connect led in series to battery followed by switch or pull off connection
  • Solder/connect wires to these and test with battery
  • When the frame is dry i spray paint it with black paint
  • Check image shown above on how matte black looks on this!
Spiderman web shooter toy
Spiderman web shooter toy

Mechanism for web shooter

  • To make web shooting mechanism i rolled piece of paper
  • One more roll slightly smaller than original which contributes to web throwing
  • Make sure one glides over other smoothly
  • For more detailed info pleas check my older version web shooter
  • Once these mechanism is ready install it to main frame
  • Switch to on and off Led is kept outside
  • Velcro was use to attach this on wrist
  • To check working of this web shooter video is provided below

How to use this functional spiderman web shooter

  • Backside tube is pull back and lock using thread attach to piece of thread(trig)
  • Web made from attaching thread to end of small tube of paper is insert inside
  • When the trig string is pull web will be thrown
  • Reload by pulling back and lock using trig
  • Pull and watch your web flying in air like real Spiderman web shooter

Hope you enjoyed this amazing craft idea pass it on to people who are crazy fan of spider-man, also don’t forget to check out our other interesting tutorials


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