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New Science fair ideas

Science fair project ideas

Hey Students/ Teachers are you struggling for science fair topics or science fair project ideas ? You are in right place to get some top science fair project ideas few call as science exhibition too

Science fair project ideas
science fair project idea make solar powered car

Below are list of 10 science fair ideas for upcoming science fair, For all these projects simple explanation are given more details can be found on google as well as on YouTube, Other mind-blowing engineering projects tutorials can be found on this site make sure to check it out

As per small case study these can be ideal science fair projects for 9th grade as well as science fair projects for 8th grade means 7th grade and below can definitely get award if you try this!

List of new science fair project ideas

Small volcano for science project

  • Very easy to make science project made by filling empty plastic bottle with 1/2th of bottle with vinegar
  • later adding spoon of baking soda well this gives white volcano which never occurs in real life
  • Make it look more like lava by adding some red food coloring
  • Finish the project by making it more realistic volcanic mountains using tissues followed by painting

Make small electromagnet

  • Materials used for this project are one steel nail, 9v battery and few inches of insulated copper wire
  • wind nail with insulated copper wire with 20 to 30 turns
  • Remove ends of wire which is coated
  • Connect ends of copper wires to 9v battery
  • Steel nail now is an electromagnet, check it out by keeping iron particles around it

Balloon car science fair project idea

  • With few pieces of cardboard and old plastic bottle caps make easily movable car frame
  • Straws will help you in making wheel axles
  • To make moving mechanism just blow the balloon and close its ends with help of cloth pins
  • Keep it on backside of car
  • Place in such a way that balloon air releasing end is facing opp to movement of car
  • Remove cloth pins and watch your air powered car move

Windmill for science fair project

  • One of evergreen topic for science fair
  • Materials used are small toy dc motor, led, battery and few pieces of cardboard
  • Make propellers for windmill and attach it to dc motor shaft
  • Place it on top of cardboard frame
  • Connect dc motor to battery and led bypassing switch
  • Switch on and see working of your windmill

Electricity Generator project

  • Needed supplies are 2 DC Motors, battery, switch and LED
  • Recycled motor from old RC car or other toys works fine
  • Connect one DC motor to LED
  • Shaft of Motor will be connected to other motor shaft using coupler recycled from pen
  • Place everything on piece of cardboard and hot glue to keep everything in place
  • Connect vacant end of motor terminals with switch and battery
  • when u switch on motor shaft of other motor rotated hence electricity will be generated which can be seen by glowing LED
  • This works on electromagnetism principle

Solar car project idea

  • Supplies required are 150ma 6v solar panel, DVD motor, 3 wheels and triangular cardboard frame
  • Connect wheel to shaft of dc motor
  • Fix wheels on base side of triangle
  • Tip of triangle to body of motor
  • Connect small solar panel to motor
  • Take it to sun bath!
  • Enjoy your solar car travel

Hand powered battery less torch

  • LED bulbs up-to 10 can be light up
  • Need 775 DC motor or DVD motor and LED
  • 775 DC Motor works best for this project as it generates good output voltage on shaft rotation
  • Make frame for torch using old recycled water bottle which fits motor
  • Solder LED to motor
  • Shaft of motor to bottle cap to which small stick is attached that resembles crank shaft mechanism
  • Rotate dc motor shaft and see the bulb glow
  • Note that faster rotation generated up to 12v hence slow rotation is preferred

Automatic pencil sharpener

  • Tired of sharpening pencils by hand this project carries solution for that problem
  • You need BO motor or any other low rpm gear motor
  • I used 150rpm gear motor
  • Attach pencil sharpener to shaft of geared motor
  • Connect to battery via switch
  • switch on and sharp some pencils
  • Definitely you will enjoy the process

Small handheld Fan project

  • scavenge toy dc motor from toys
  • stick motor to back side of battery
  • Use switch as interface between motor and battery
  • Attach readily available propeller or DIY
  • Power your device and let some air flow

Lemon battery science fair project

  • Oldest yet meaningful science project which teach lots of scientific principles
  • Here to glow an led number of lemons required is high since lemons are costly we will demonstrate with single lemon
  • Insert strips of zinc and aluminum inside lemon
  • Connect multi meter to these strips and measure voltage
  • Hope you loved these ideas, share this ideas with people who are looking for project ideas. Also make sure to check my older posts.

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