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Arduino Distance Measurement Project

Arduino distance measurement project

Hola creative people, this project is about making Arduino Distance measurement using ultrasonic sensor and LCD display, this is one stop shop for all Arduino projects as it also has Arduino distance measurement code included.

Arduino distance measurement project
Arduino distance measurement project

Actual image of this project given above, let me explain features of this easy Arduino project

  • Uses ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacle
  • Display screen shows measured distance of object
  • Units are in both centimeter and inches
  • Display screen brightness can be increased or decreased using variable resistor embedded in breadboard
  • System is portable

Note: Video link for this project is provided at end of this post make sure to check it out, if you are making this project make sure you read all the points.

With all the features being said let’s head on to building this project

Material required to make Arduino Distance Measurement project

  • Arduino UNO
  • Display module( LCD Type)
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor aka HC-SR04
  • Variable resistance 103
  • Jumper wires and breadboard
  • DC Plug attached to rechargeable battery
  • Arduino IDE
  • Additionally you may require rubber bands and zip ties for finishing everything
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Arduino UNO
Display Module
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
Parts list

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Arduino Distance measurement Code

Download and paste this code on your Arduino IDE and later upload this code to your Uno, make sure to check for port number while uploading code, Distance measurement limit can be changed in code

After uploading code disconnect USB Cable from computer and start making circuit, i have provided detailed circuit diagram below for this project

Arduino Project circuit diagram
Arduino Project circuit diagram

Make sure all the connections are made as per the diagram shown above, for clarity i will be giving detail explanation of circuit

LCD Display module has following pins with its functions

  • GND means ground
  • Vcc for 5v power supply
  • Vo Display
  • Rs Register
  • R/W Read/write
  • E Enable
  • 0 and 1 are Data pins
  • 1
  • A Anode
  • K Cathode

Display module connections

  • Gnd will be connect to enable and cathode along with one leg of resistor to Gnd of Arduino Uno
  • Vcc to anode and other leg of resistor to 5v pin of arduino
  • Vo to leg of resistor
  • Register to D12
  • R/W to gnd of uno and resistor
  • Digital pins to D2,D3,D4 and D5 Uno pins
  • After connections are made for Display continue with making connections to Ultrasonic sensor
  • Vcc and Gnd of sensor will be connect to 5v and gnd of Uno
  • Trig and Echo to A4 and A5 of board
  • Once all these are complete just connect Power supply to your board using dc pin supply to which rechargeable batteries are attached

Video link for Arduino Distance Measurement Project

Click here to watch working of this project along with tutorials, also make sure to check out other projects related to raspberry pi, Arduino and other interesting projects

That was all about making this useful project using Arduino, there are lots of other Arduino project and science project ideas on this site make sure to check those projects if you or any of your friends are looking for project ideas, anyhow sharing doesn’t cost anything but less than few kbs of internet, THANK YOU and Have a good day


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